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    Q1. How do you un-mute the audio when embedding video into a “Color Section”?

    There are no options to do this in your GUI and because it’s embedded with short codes, you can’t edit the source code in a conventional way that is standard when coding websites. If there are options in your GUI to do this that we have overlooked (I doubt that), please include a screen capture in your response. (FYI. We have the manual shortcode editor feature enabled) Again, we are embedding a video in a Color Section , not a slide show.

    Q2. How do you stop the looping and just play the video once.

    I have another question, but I am not asking it now because if we can’t get the audio to work, there is no reason to use the video feature for us and my second question is moot. Hoping for a decently quick response, because we have been on this for over a day now and lots of hoops to jump through. All of your other responses have been very fast, it’s just your video embedding is problematic. In my opinion you should not have launched this feature. It is either a lot of work to jump through to get working or you have launched it prematurely before ironing out all the kinks. Or, it could be as simple as providing a thorough tutorial that I may have overlooked. I have watched two short videos that you have online. Enabling audio in a Color Section is not covered.


    Viewing the page’s source code, this is most likely what we want to edit:
    data-controls='disabled' data-mute='1' data-loop='1'
    So, how do we get to the underlying content to edit this in the short code editor?
    My hunch tells me It probably needs to be this:
    data-controls='enabled' data-mute='0' data-loop='0'



    To unmute and disable the loop on a color section video, edit config-templatebuilder > avia-shortcodes > section. Find this code on line 406:

    'video_mute' => true,
     'video_loop' => true,

    Replace it with:

    'video_mute' => false,
    'video_loop' => false,



    Is there a way to do with with a jquery script on load.

    I would like to make a button to toggle mute/ unmute for a video.

    But do not want to have all videos have sound.

    And do not want to edit the enfold theme files only my custom child theme.





    Not that I know of. You can however modify a shortcode file from your child theme. See:



    Good Afternoon,

    I have tried to follow the

    on how to edit an image element for the layout builder and any EDITs are working fine.

    However when I tried to ADD a new one it would not appear.
    I copyed image.php file and then reaming the file and the class_exist and config[‘name’] and config[‘shortcode’]
    but it would not appear in the list of selectors.

    Is there as guide on how to copy and make new ones and ideally to make new section.php for color section that has video audio turned on. but still keep the existing section.php file that has muted video.




    If you can post what you have to a gist or pastebin we can take a look. If you are familiar with php it should be pretty straightforward but I also have an example on the docs theme here you can refer to:


    Ok… after much testing.

    I have create new Image-random shortcode and all is working fine. (now need to work out how to modify to accept a text input of 3 comma separated image ID’s and randomly display 1 only. – similar to )
    Outside realm of support, but any tips or hints would be great.)

    However I have found that adding the section.php shortcode into the child theme shortcode folder it give an instant white screen of death.

    I have added all others and are fine.. only the section.php is causing this and it has now been tested on 2 separate enfold + child theme installed.

    Any ideas would be great.

    Thanks again for great support and follow up.





    Thank you for reporting this issue. We’ll fix it with the next update. For a temporary fix open up enfold\config-templatebuilder\avia-shortcodes/section.php, delete the entire code within the file and insert this code:

    The next version will contain this fix and you don’t need to modify the parent theme files again.



    Awesome, thanks for the fix.

    I was wondering why was having so much trouble.

    You have no idea how much searching these forums 80% of the time finds the answer already.
    15% leads to working it out yourself and the last 5% takes a quick post and usually get an answer same day!

    Thanks again for great support!





    Great – I’m glad we could help you :)

    Best regards,

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