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    I am new to Enfold, and WordPress, and am running into two very odd problems. I don’t know if they are related.

    1. The WordPress audio shortcode is not working with the ajax portfolio preview. I am trying to get audio clips to play in an ajax portfolio using the WordPress audio shortcode as was suggested to me by Ismael here. But while the embedded audio player shows up in the visual editor of the Add Preview Text window under Ajax Portfolio Preview Settings in the Edit Portfolio Entry screen (see screenshot 1), it will not show up when the entry is updated and viewed live, though if I select the seemingly blank area I can see a white outline where the embedded audio player should be (see screenshot 2). This disappears if I remove the audio shortcode from the portfolio item. To verify the problem wasn’t my code, I used the same code in a Code Block at the bottom of the page where the portfolio is located, and it shows up and works just fine.

    Screenshot 1 - audio player appears in visual editor

    Screenshot 2 - audio player does not appear when updated item is previewed

    Here is the page with the portfolio (click on the Audio Test item):

    This is very important functionality for my client, who wants to have photos, videos, and audio clips in the ajax portfolio format (opening on the same page, not in a lightbox or a new window) — this is the functionality that led me to choose Enfold in the first place.

    While trying to solve this problem, I ran into the second problem:

    2. Portfolio item pages are not being created, or at least are not accessible at their Permalinks. Apparently this has been happening the entire time but I didn’t notice it before because I was exclusively using the ajax portfolio preview, and not trying to view the individual portfolio pages. But when the only thing showing up for my audio test portfolio item was the title, I tried clicking on it and discovered the broken link. A little testing verified that every single portfolio item link — those created by me and those created by the imported demo — is broken.

    Since I have installed several instances of WordPress to try out different aspects of Enfold, including importing different demos, and setting up child themes, I checked every instance with the same result every time. It didn’t matter if I setup a child theme or not, if I imported a demo or not, in every case the links do not work. I tried editing the Permalink but the page still could not be found. I double checked that the portfolio item links work in the official Kriesi demo, and they do. The website is being hosted on GoDaddy and the client has two accounts, so I tried both accounts with the same result.

    The problem can be seen on the page above (imported Small Business demo then setup child theme), and here on a completely new instance of WordPress and Enfold with no child theme or demo import:

    The Permalink for my audio test portfolio item is:

    While this isn’t necessarily a problem in the sense that I don’t plan to actually use the portfolio pages (my client exclusively wants to use the ajax portfolio preview feature), I don’t want site visitors to stumble upon broken links and think the site is broken. (I did type some text in the portfolio page box so it wasn’t empty, though the problem happens either way.) Also I’m not sure if this signals a deeper problem that might be related to the audio problem, which is critical to me.

    I tested both problems on a PC (Chrome and IE), Mac, and Android phone, and got the same results every time. I’m using WordPress 4.3.1 with the version of Enfold downloaded from ThemeForest on Wednesday.

    I’ve searched the forums and haven’t found anything related to these problems. Any help or direction you could provide would be greatly appreciated. As I said, I’m new to WordPress (but not to web development) so I’m hoping that I’m just overlooking something simple?



    Hi hjwill!

    please open separate tickets for different questions/issues.

    1.) Can you provide us admin access, so we can have a deeper look into this? Post login details here as private reply.

    Best regards,


    So you think the problems are not related? I wasn’t sure which is why I made one post. Do you want me to break them up now or are you just telling me for future reference?

    By the way I need to modify the page that I gave a link to, so have cloned the original here so you can still see the problem:




    Thank you for the info.

    1.) Add this in the Quick CSS field to fix the audio shortcode:

    .wp-audio-shortcode {
        visibility: visible !important;

    2.) Go to Settings > Permalinks then click the “Save” button once. Remove browser cache then check the portfolio page again. If it doesn’t work, follow the instructions here:

    Best regards,


    Both fixes worked! Thanks so much! :-D



    Great! Glad we could help. :)


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