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    hi there,
    i am wondering how hard it would be to create a one-page solution with the ENFOLD theme.

    my main concerns would be the scrolling through menu sections, integrating a slider (in my case f.e. the rev. slider) as landing/start page – and linking to subpages (with extra menu) aswell.
    is there any specific documentation or are there any video tutorials for that, that could help with a quick set-up?
    any advice is very appreciated.

    thanks in advance


    Hey Pedro!

    When you import the dummy content you’ll get a Page called Home v7: One Page Portfolio, you can use that as a reference.



    Hi Josue,
    thanks for the quick response. i just didnt follow up the new versions and somehow missed the ‘container’ feature to add backgrounds, css etc – just similar to visual composer. you gus did a great job! i like to see the progress.

    i just cant seem to manage to get background images, that are not available in bigger size, to go full width (or full height).
    no matter what i choose in the color selection (position, minim. height, etc.) it just doesnt fill the screen.
    i probably could create an image as big as my big screen – but i thought ‘streching to screen size’ would do the math – even with my smaller image size (just to see how it looks)…

    my goal is to have fullscreen images for each menu section. i probably could alternatively achieve that with a fullcreen slider for each section – but that would slow down site performance… so i am hoping it works with the color selection tool. maybe i just oversaw a setting.
    also: i thought by choosing a background for the one-page site would cover the whole site (at least by repeating etc) – but somehow, while going through the menu sections (scrolling down the page) i just see black sections. i though the theme styling (main content) would keep that background image throughout the page…

    any advice is apprechiated…
    my best regards



    Setting the image to center center and then stretch to fit should always make it fit the background of that section. Just make sure that when you select the image its the largest version possible and not one of the smaller thumbnails that gets created.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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