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    Love the theme – thanks much.

    One major issue. For me it is broken and unworkable in responsive design on iPads. I want to completely turn it off (no fixed width or anything) what CSS and or other files do I ‘comment out’ or delete – I need it to view a standard desktop browser (Chrome or Safari) type site?




    Hi revivalasia,

    You can turn on/off the Responsive Layout in the theme options “General Settings” menu. Just select the Fixed Layout option from the Responsive Layout dropdown.




    Sorry the fixed layout is still not working (well it works as such, but menu’s and layout is all skewed), so no I will need just a standard browser site…

    http://www.dalat.org/main/ – click on the resources top level menu and you will see what i mean (on an iPad)


    The site is still set to be responsive so the dropdown option for Fixed wasn’t actually saved. Make sure you set that option to Fixed and then hit Save all Changes.

    The mega menu issue is probably a conflict with another active plugin which isn’t setting the menu item to the proper location when it gets adjusted to a different browser width. So you can also try deactivating all active plugins and then trying that option again.


    Thanks much for the help, but I would rather simply disable all responsive design – including fixed width and be able to pinch and zoom on certain areas of the site like any non-responsive design would – is that possible? Do i simply delete ALL @Media css code?



    Hi, No

    Please don’t delete all @media queries.

    What you will have to do is change them so the key screen sizes. And don’t delete them because some may have be returned so please just comment them out, Just leave alone css that starts above and up 980px as well as below 768 and remove those especially for between just the two points.

    Please provide a url so can provide you with something specific.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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