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    We are currently trying to build a more advanced footer, we found it too difficult to build it using the widgets so we used Enfolds advanced layout editor.

    Since this will be a footer we might have to change things in the future. The problem is we would then have to edit every single page of the website. I know this is a requested future here on the forum to have a global/dynamic template function..

    Anyway, we tried a fix by activating debug in Enfold and copy all of the the shortcodes from the footer to a single widget.
    I assume the results of all the shortcodes in a widget should be the same as the page, but some fonts and layouts are not.

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    Hey belinger,

    Have you tried the page based footer?

    It allows you to assign page based footer. Once assigned make changes to the page and the changes will reflect on all page footer.

    Please give this a try :)

    Best regards,


    Do I need to create a child theme for access to these settings? Or is it possible to access these settings whithout child theme? I dont see why I would need a child theme just for these settings.


    I just installed Enfold Child theme. I don’t find the settings for selecting a page as a footer from your screenshot anywhere.
    The selection of settings in Enfold child theme are exactly the same as in the non child theme version of Enfold.


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    Please click the drop down to choose:

    Best regards,


    Of course I tried that, but its only 4 options. The same 4 options as in the non-child version of Enfold.

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    I also noticed that in your screenshots the header is called “Default Footer & Socket Settings”

    In our fresh install of Enfold Child Theme its called “Default Footer Widgets & Socket Settings”

    “Widgets” are not mentioned in your setup/header.

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    I see you are using v4.2.6 which only has 4 options, where I’m using v4.4 which has 6 options.
    Please try updating.
    Please note that if you update via FTP, you will need to remove the old theme folder first then upload the new enfold folder.
    Please don’t try to overwrite the theme folder, as this will leave old files behind.

    Best regards,

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