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    Dear Kriesi.at Support Team,

    I’m trying to display a video on our website and I can’t seem to figure out the code to include so that it will display on in all browsers and on all devices. With the Fullwidth EasySlider (on http://www.got2bmoving.com/intro) I can see the video in windows (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) but it doesn’t load on my iPad and iPhone.

    I read that the mediaelemnts.js is not in the plugin but is part of the WordPress core but I wasn’t sure what the correct syntax was using the wordpress core option. The code I currently have included below “Here is a video with “[video mp4 ..... ]” syntax (from mediaelements.js) notes:”(on http://www.got2bmoving.com/test) is:

    [video mp4="http://www.got2bmoving.com/files/videos/skyTran_Congestion-InfoGraph-Video-002.mp4" ogg="http://www.got2bmoving.com/files/videos/skyTran_Congestion-InfoGraph-Video-002.ogg" webm="http://www.got2bmoving.com/files/videos/skyTran_Congestion-InfoGraph-Video-002.webm" poster="http://www.got2bmoving.com/files/videos/skyTran_Congestion-InfoGraph.jpg" preload="true" autoplay="true" width="640" height="264"]

    On “www.got2bmoving.com/test” I can’t see any of the videos when I view this page on my iPhone. I have included

    1) Advanced LayerSlider
    2) Video element in the Advanced Editor
    3) mediaelements.js “[video ... ]” code

    I have read as many of the forum posts as I could find about displaying videos on all browsers and devices, but I still can’t seem to figure it out. I would like to display a video the way it looks on “www.got2bmoving.com/intro” on all browers and devices. I’d appreciate any suggestions that you have.

    Thanks very much.


    Hi Jane!

    I asked Yigit to check your website, he has a iPhone.

    As as i side note, this file doesn’t exists:


    Best regards,

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    Hi Josue – thanks for your reply and heads up about the audio code. I’m trying to find this code “[audio src="https://www.got2bmoving.com/files/videos/skyTran_Congestion-InfoGraph-Video-002.ogg" /]” and I can’t seem to find it. No rush, but if you could point me to it I’d appreciate it. thanks!


    I was referring to the actual .ogg file (see my last reply again), the audio shortcode was automatically added by WordPress.

    Best regards,

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