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    Hi there,

    I have a couple of questions and I hope you guys have the answers ;-)

    Here we go;
    – First of all, is it possible to set the different content backgrounds on and x% transparent?
    – Is it possible to give the image containers a custom mouse over effect – as it is now you get the cirle with the Arrow in it. I want it to be the same image as before you mause over but then in a different color?
    – and the last one; is it possible to completly remove the top menu borders?

    Hope to hear from you!

    With kind regards,



    Hey MulderMind!

    1.) You can set the content background on Enfold > Styling. What do you mean by ” x%”? Can you give us a screenshot of what you’re trying to do?

    2.) You can add this on your custom.css to change the color of the image circle overlay:

    .main_color .image-overlay .image-overlay-inside::before {
    background: red;

    3.) What type of header do you have right now? You can use this:

    #header_meta {
    box-shadow: none;
    #header_main {
    border-top: none;



    Hi Ismael,

    I’m trying to do something like this: screenshot
    So i want a big background image and transparent content containers, I asume this is possible with some cutrum CSS but i have no idea what to add :)

    Considering the mouse over effect I want to use a black and white image that turns full color on mouse over. Is that possible?

    The header thing worked, thanks!

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    1.) Can you please post the image again? It is not working.

    2.) Unfortunately, the grayscale hover effect can’t be easily implemented. Maybe this plugin will help:



    Hi Esmael,

    Thanks – ill check out the plugin link.

    Weird that the image wont work, works for me perfectly.
    Maybe if you visit the direct link: ?
    Basicly I want a photo as background and set the content continairs under styling in white but a certain percentage transparant so you can the background picture under the text.




    That is probably doable but it is going to take some experimentation and customization beyond what we can do via support. Right now the main colors just don’t have support for rgba color choices which is the easiest way to add transparency to the color.

    Best regards,

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