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    I have purchased the WPML plugin.

    I am confused about the po and mo files that you provide.
    Can you give me any direction?
    Should I be using WPML for translation or your files?
    And if I choose Automatically load the theme’s .mo file using ‘load_theme_textdomain’. Enter textdomain value:
    What is the “textdomain”??

    If I select in WPML to “Translate by WPML” then the options to “Select how to get translations for WordPress core” disappear completely.
    I realize this isn’t your plugin but I want to make sure I am doing the right things to ensure ENFOLD works prorperly.

    This is really confusing so ANY help or guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.




    Hey Mitch!

    WPML is used to have multiple multilingual sites using the same WordPress installation, that being said, the translation of the .po/.mo files can be done using a software like PoEdit or a plugin like CodeStyling Localization.

    In short:

    • .po/.mo files handle the translation of the theme files (strings).
    • WPML is used to translate the site content.



    Thanks for the quick response.

    It helps to know that the mo and po are for the theme and WPML is for content.

    But this configuration is still confusing.

    Should the first option be WPML or the .mo files?
    And if so, do I need the textdomain?
    What is the text domain? I have read everything I can find and it makes no sense.



    Please insert “avia_framework” (without the quotes) into the input field. Then click the “Save” button. WPML should then recognize the translation files (mo files) inside the theme folder:


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