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    how can I translate the ‘Reloading the page’ message once the user clicks to save cookie settings?


    Sveikas Andriu!

    Please use this plugin to translate untranslated strings – :)



    Hi @yigit,
    thanks for the suggestion. However, I’m trying to minimize the number of plugins on the site and instead of Loco Translate I’ve opted for editing the .po files with POedit. Why are these strings not to be found either in .po or .pot files of Enfold? Is this something that’s going to be fixed soon?



    Please make sure to click “update” button in Poedit software. That should update the file and add missing strings. You should be able to find it after updating the file :)

    Best regards,


    I’ve just downloaded the enfold.pot file from /themes/enfold/lang/ and used it to update the .po file I was editing. The strings are still not found in the .po file. I’m using Enfold version 4.7.3




    Thank you for the update.

    Looks like the theme has no translations for the Lithuanian (Lithuania) language yet. There’s no lt_LT.po file in the lang folder. Did you create one yourself? If you did, you can drop the following snippet anywhere in the .po file.

    #: includes/helper-privacy.php:1686
    msgid "To reflect your cookie selections we need to reload the page."

    Afterwards, open the lang file in the PoEdit software, add the translations if you haven’t already, then update it to generate the .mo file with the new translations.

    You can also load the language file from the child theme to avoid losing the translations during a theme update.


    Best regards,


    Hi @ismael,
    yes, I have set up the lt_LT files myself using a child theme solution.

    There’s one more string that needs to be translated as well ‘Reloading the page’. Please see attached screenshot. Can you please send me the corresponding code snippet to be added to the .po file?



    Thank you for following up.

    You can add this code anywhere in the .po file.

    #: includes/helper-privacy.php:1691
    msgid "Reloading the page"
    msgstr "Puslapio perkrovimas"

    Adjust the translations if necessary.

    Best regards,


    Thanks guys. It works now. Related to this, I can’t find the Share on WhatsApp string anywhere in the .PO(T) files. Could you please share the .po code for this string as well?



    Have you tried looking for “Share on” string or text in the language file? The social app name will just be appended to it.

    Best regards,


    Hi @ismael, yes I’ve tried it. I have the ‘Share on’ string translated and it shows correctly for all services except WhatsApp. ‘Share on WhatsApp’ seems to be a separate string that’s not in the .po file.



    Ah yes, you’re right. Looks like it has its own label specified in the includes > helper-social-media.php file.

    'label'			=> __( 'Share on WhatsApp', 'avia_framework' ) 

    Try to add this in the .po file.

    #: includes/helper-social-media.php:292
    msgid "Share on WhatsApp"
    msgstr "Dalintis per WhatsApp"

    Best regards,

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