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    After research on this forum, I still cannot find the way to translate the strings manually in my language.

    I tried the codestyling plugin to find elements like months and days (ie November –> Novembre (fr)) in the avia framework, however it didn’t find anything related to these.

    Could you pls advise how or where is this file to translate the strings? I couldn’t manage to find it even after inspection of element on browser.

    Thanks in advance for your prompt support..


    Hey asteratos!

    Are you using WordPress in Frech as well?



    Hello Yigit,

    Occasionally, this was just an example!

    For this purpose, I’m using the enfold theme in Greek.

    I’m trying to find a way to translate the months and days, but still always the same happens: “November 2013” :(

    ps: I tried to include the jquery.ui.datepicker-el.js file for Greek translation and link to it from header.php, but still it doesn’t override the enfold datepicker calendar.



    I have never used WordPress in any language other than English so i am not 100% sure but please go to Tools > Localization and check the strings in WordPress

    Best regards,


    I have a similar issue. I have Enfold Theme installed in English, but all my content is Turkish (I’m not using any language plugin).

    Now I just need to make the datepicker labels display in Turkish (for the names of the months, and button labels Next, Prev, Today, Close and Days of the Week First Letters M, T, W ,T ,F etc.)

    Codestyling plugin no longer exists, and an old archived one I found does not scan or do anything.

    Can I just hack the label names in some file inside the theme as a quick fix – please advise which files!




    Please use this free software – to and edit Turkish language files in Enfold/lang folder.

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit,
    I tried your suggestion, however the contact form’s datepicker’s days of the week names (M, T, W, T, F etc.) and month names (JAN, FEB, MAR, APR) are not in the .po files. So then I did a search on the whole Enfold theme but still could not find references to them.

    Where can I find them and how best to translate them – are they directly in WordPress instead? Thanks!



    The day and month names are fetch directly from WP via $wp_locale global variable. Did you install WordPress in your own language? Is this a multi-language site? Try to create a languages folder inside the wp-content directory then download the language files from this link:

    Use PO Edit to translate the strings.

    Best regards,

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