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    I would like to use the premium plugin ULTIMATE TOPPANEL from Codecanyon (

    But it “interacts” in a bad way:

    I have created some pages with the Advanced Layout Builder and a “widget area” in these pages and created my own “Enfold custom widget areas”.

    But with this plugin active are now widgets in my footer, that I have created normally for my individual pages.

    It’s hard to describe, so please see this screenshot with descriptions here:

    As soon as I disable the plugin my widgets are displayed right.

    Is this now a problem of/in ENFOLD or of/in the plugin?



    Unfortunately this is not a bug but a wordpress limitation. WordPress saves the position of widgets with ids (the first widget area has the id 1, the second 2, etc.). If you remove a widget area wordpress will re-calculate/re-count all ids and now another widget area has the id of the previous widget area you deleted. On the other hand (if you add a sidebar area between existing areas) wordpress will increase the ids of the following widget areas. So the widget area with the id “2” will now have the id “3” and will also show the widgets of the widget area with the id “3” and so on.


    uff, that sounds not good. What do you suggest in my case?


    Actually there’s no real workaround. You can either deactivate the plugin – then the ids will not change and the widgets work as expected or you can activate the plugin but then you need to re-configure all widgets and assign them to the new widget area. It also doesn’t make sense to change the order of the widget areas and to append them at the very bottom because as soon as you create a new “Enfold Custom Widget Area” the ids and the order will change again. However the good news is: as long as the plugin is activated the order of the widgets won’t change again.

    Personally I’d drag’n’drop all widgets into the “Inaktive Widgets” area – WordPress then saves the configuration of the widgets. Then activate the plugin and drag’n’drop all widget back into the proper areas…


    thanks for that good tips, I will try this!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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