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    I have looked around for solutions to this problem, but so far have found none. When the width of browser window is reduced, the items in the top bar are overwriting items in the top menu. The normal behavior is show in the following image:

    When the browser window is narrowed, the top bar elements overwrite the Top Menu items:

    There are a lot of items in the top bar that we don’t really need, but I can find no way to control which items appear. I am looking for a solution that eliminates the overwriting of the Top Menu items. This might involve configuring the top bar so it doesn’t wrap into the Top Menu, deleting the items in the top bar that we don’t need (we need some of them), or widening the vertical space of the top bar so it wraps into itself. Other solutions are possible, but these come immediately to mind.


    Hey BMMtOliveLC,

    Thanks for the screenshots. Is it the items from the WordPress menu you are referring to? If so, then that is not controlled by the theme. What exactly would you like to change?

    Best regards,


    In the second screenshot, you can see that the “Howdy, Dan Nessett” item is overwriting the “Admin Only” Item in the Top Menu. Unfortunately, you need to login to see this. I can give you a login to our test site, if this would help analyze the problem.

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    I have now learned that what I have been calling the “top bar” is titled the “admin bar” or “WordPress toolbar”. I also have learned that there are ways of removing items in that bar. However, so far I have not figured out how to remove enough items so that the admin bar doesn’t drop down and overwrite the top menu when the browser window is reduced in width from the right hand side. This occurs not only when reducing the horizontal width of the browser window, but also when devices, such as tablets, display the pages of the site.


    OK. I have figured out a workaround. The article: gives instructions how to remove items from the admin bar. I have removed enough items so that the drop-down and overwrite problem does not occur. I used the Code Snippets plugin to add the following code to the theme:

    function remove_toolbar_items($wp_adminbar) {

    add_action(‘admin_bar_menu’, ‘remove_toolbar_items’, 999);

    However, the problem is a general problem for Enfold, since when the admin bar has many items, it drops down and overwrites the top menu items. This is obviously a bug and should be addressed, since other sites may want to keep items in the admin bar that I removed.
    Our test site still illustrates the problem, as I only changed the live site. If you wish, I can give you a login to the test site and you can see the problem for yourself.



    Thanks for the update. The styling for that bar comes from WordPress, not from the theme. What other sites are adding content to that bar? Maybe you mean plugins? If you need further help then please let us know exactly what you are looking to change.

    Best regards,


    Does the styling of the top menu come from Enfold or WordPress? This may be a bug in the WordPress software, since the items in the admin bar are dropping down and overwriting the items in the top menu. However, before I report a bug to WordPress, I need to make sure the misbehavoir is not something associated with the top menu. No plugins are involved in the problem.



    The styling for that bar comes from WordPress, you can verify that by activating a default WordPress theme. I wouldn’t really call this a bug, since theme and plugin developers are free to add items to that bar as they wish. That means that it can get cluttered depending on which plugins and themes you are running, and accounting for a more or less infinite number of different layout combinations, makes styling it perfectly every time more or less impossible. If you let us know exactly what you would like to change, then we might be able to help you out with some custom CSS though.

    Best regards,


    Thanks for the reply. Let me first contact the WordPress base developers and see if they consider this behavior a bug. If so, maybe they will fix it. If not, I will get back to you and perhaps we can investigate ways of styling the top menu so the overwrite doesn’t occur.



    Thanks for the update. We’ll keep this thread open for you.

    Best regards,

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