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    Hi Support-Team,

    first of all I have to say I looooove the theme. It makes really fun and also super great job done with the cookie and privacy policy settings!!!

    My question now:
    Instead of the word “login” = my account, I would like to have a fontello icon instead.
    And also like to add the cart also to the top bar menu, instead of having it in the right site.


    solutions in the forum did not solve it so far.
    Thanks for your support!


    Hi there,

    should be no problem with the Login Icon…. go to the design —> menu and select your secondary menu for the header
    Screen: https://d.pr/i/LXGDOO
    wrap the wording in a span tag.

    add this to your css…. in the content you can put the icon code of the icon you want to show

    #menu-item-1555 a::before {
        content: "\e80a";
        color: #d97b88;
        position: absolute;
        font-family: 'entypo-fontello';
        font-size: 24px;
    #menu-item-1555 a span{
    	visibility: hidden;




    for your cart problem if a quick fix will be ok you could add another Link to your secondary menu and as link you could add the link to your cart page yoursite.de/warenkorb/ and then do it exactly like the Login Icon.

    Problem here is you will lose the fancy flyout cart if you are going to hide the normal cart here:

    .menu-item.cart_dropdown {
    display: none;




    Thanks for helping out @evendril, did you try that out and did you have any luck with it @salalah?

    Best regards,


    Dear @evendril and @rikard,

    sorry for keeping you waiting.

    The change of Login to icon worked out, thanks a lot . Will just choose another ico and smaller size.

    For the fancy flyout cart I’m still thinking if to skip or not.

    But I want to add the Cart in the secondary menu, how can I figure out the menu-item number for the CSS so the ( the #menu-item-1555 is only for the my account)? I switched all settings on but could not see an ID? Also not on the page itself?

    Am I blind?

    Thanks once again and have a good day /evening.


    Hi Sirpa,

    yes the #menu-item-1555 is only the id of the account item.
    If you don´t mind having the cart (Warenkorb) in the header for a short time just add it to the secondary Menu like this
    save the secondary menu and visit your page. If you see the cart (Warenkorb) in text form in your secondary menu just open the developer tools of the browser (Chrome or whatever) you are using and inspect the element to get the id afterwards you can proceed the same way as you did with the account item you only have to change the id :-) and maybe the icon ^^



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    Thanks again for helping out @evendril, did you try that out @sirpa?

    Best regards,

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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