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    Hi there,
    i am not sure if this is a typical toggle thing, but i have some display issues with my toggle menue.
    1) when opening a toggle its unusual juddering – I am used to a more smooth, slower opening and closing of toggles. is there anything that i can change?

    2) some toggles, probably due to the lenght of the content, make WP add a side-tab on the right border – where i dont see any advantage in it. only thing that happens is that the main content also judders a bit…

    although this one is quite a ‘juddering’ request – i hope you have an idea.
    feel free to check the respective page:
    I am testing mainly on firefox

    thanks in advance!


    Hi aovivo!

    1) You can try to increase the animation time – open up wp-content/themes/enfold/js/shortcodes.js and search for

    $.fn.avia_sc_toggle = function(options)

    below this line you’ll some occurrences of




    You can replace 200 with another value – it determines the animation time in ms – i.e. 200ms are 0,2 seconds.

    2) You can’t remove the scroll bar on the right side because the website must be scroll able – especially for users with smaller screens. The only solution would be to make the default content (with closed toggles) longer – then the browser will show the scroll bar as soon as the user opens the page in the browser and the content won’t shift when he clicks on a toggle.



    Moin Peter,

    thanks for the details on js. i already changed it – looks great now!
    As far as it concerns the Tabs, maybe i’ll add some images. that shouwld help too.

    thanks so much for the very professional and quick support!!
    haave a good one!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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