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    hi Enfold,

    I have been using Enfold for ally my website.

    However i am stuck for this one website, where my client wants a lot of modifications. i hope if you can help me with my issues:

    1) My client wants the Contact Form to be seen only if the user wants to fill it. So basically i thought of using dropdown accordian tab, wherein i will put the contact form inside the tab and on clicking it will expand , so that the user can fill it.

    Can you guide the shortcode for contact form to be put in the accordian menu?

    2) also my client has given me the google analytics code. He wants it to track every page, I hope putting the google analytics code on the Enfold theme menu suffices my clients requirements of tracking every page of the website.

    3) My clients wants to have Arial Font all across the website, for all the text that comes on the website. please Help with this too.

    4) I have been using Photography theme for this websit. Find the link down.

    It works fine on all the web browers ( Chrome, IE, Opera, Firefox)

    However it behaves pretty odd and wierd on Safari, and takes a lot of time to upload my portfolio images on the website on Ipad, Iphone and Mac too.

    Kindly help on all the above issues.

    Thanking you in anticipation.


    Hey sagarbekal!

    You can enable debugging mode to see shortcodes you have created in pages using Advanced Layout Builder –
    You can switch to Default Editor and click on Magic Wand to see full list of shortcodes
    then you can create any of them and copy/paste shortcode into any other content element or into text widget.

    You can add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under General Styling tab to change font family to Arial across the site

    body * { font-family: arial !important; }

    Best regards,

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