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    On our website we are going to create a new post, and we give the post a title my typing into title area into the top of the interface. However we would really really like that the title automatically appears in the layout. As of now, we have to manually drag a text-block into a lay-out module and type out the title. This will be highly ineffecient in the long run, as many different people with varying degrees of tech-expertise will need to be able to create a consistent format of posts. Is there anyway that I can forward screenshots?


    are these pages : single posts or portfolio ?
    what kind of editor did you use to generate those posts. The normal classic one or advanced layout editor or maybe the block editor?
    ( guess if you are using the classic editor the title will be there allready )


    Hi Copenhagenthisway,

    If you are using the Layout Builder to create your posts, then everything needs to be added manually to it. If you want elements to appear automatically, then please try using the default WordPress editor instead.

    Best regards,


    Hi Guenni007 and Rikard. Thank you a lot for your response. The design is indeed build in the advanced layout builder, and I feel that going back f.x. the classic editor will compromise the design, but maybe I am mistaken? I am dealing with single posts. On the frontpage a range of posts appear, these need to be highly interchangeable, and easy to create as well as publish/make draft. We are talking about approximately 50 different posts to change inbetween. For this reason creating post is ought to as automatized as possible, hence why we´s like the title in the correct spots immidiately.



    the classic editor will compromise the design,

    Yes, the Advance Layout Builder is quite different compare to the classic editor, so may have to recreate the content or adjust the layout a bit. However, please note that you can still use builder elements or shortcodes in the classic editor using the shortcode wand or the “Insert shortcode” button (see private field).

    Best regards,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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