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    I find a code to add a new portfolio thumbnail size in the forum ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /)
    I add a portrait size, but if I choose a landscape image i’d like that it is cropped in a portrait size.


    Is it possible?


    I try to use Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, now some thumbs is ok, but other is also like this above.



    Can you post the link of the portfolio page here? You can set a minimum width for portfolio thumbnails.

    .grid-image img {
    min-height: 300px;
    .responsive_large .fullsize .grid-col-4 .grid-image {
    min-height: 300px;

    Best regards,


    hi ismael
    the site isn’t on-line, but you can see it on host

    I try to add css code in a quick css, but there isn’t change.
    I don’t understand why some thumbs is crop in a just size e some other have a height smaller



    Sorry Ismael, now with this css code the image is all at the same dimension, but it isn’t crop, but pulled.
    In the site I have some portfolio gallery. Some are show in portrait and other in landscape mode. With this code all the thumbs are pulled at the min height that I set with css code. Is there a way to limit this css code only to a thumbs size?

    I hope you understand the problem… my english is not so good :P


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    Hi Ismael,
    do you know how can I resolve this problem?
    It is the last problem before put the site on-line… help me please!




    Please open Functions.php file and change height settings of portfolio thumbnails


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