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    A few issues:
    1) There is a weird white space on the bottom of the home page that I can’t get rid of, it appeared after I updated the theme files earlier this week.

    2) I want to reduce the space showing at the bottom of the very first color section on the home page but no matter what I try, nothing works. Normally the Separate/Whitespace element works, but it’s not working for my site.

    3) On this page,, the top full width slider is not showing up. I deleted the other full width sliders because I could not get them to show up! I would like to fix it rather than avoid using some elements.

    4) Sometimes when I place the testimonials as a slideshow, they disappear, and it’s not the text color…

    Other similar things not rendering as expected..

    My web developer told me to submit a tech support request here to get your help with the template not working as expected. She says it’s updated to latest version and WP is up to date as well.

    THANK YOU! I appreciate your help!


    Hey mszigzag,

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    We released 5.2.1 saturday that fixes a bug that could be related to some of the problems you mention above.
    Can you try to update to this version please and check again.

    Thank you and sorry for the problems.

    Best regards,


    I updated but the problems are still there. Please help?



    1. Please try this in Quick CSS:

    .home #after_section_6 {
      display: none; 

    2. And this in Quick CSS as well:

    .home #after_section_1 .content {
      padding: 0;

    3. There is a conflict with the SG Optimiser plugin, please try to deactivate JavaScript file compression under Enfold->Performance.

    4. Where can we see and reproduce this problem?

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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