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    Just purchased Enfold and tried to add to my site using the “new” and selecting the WordPress zip file. It shows “uploading” forever and then errors out showing “Are you sure you want to do this?”. I’ve tried three times now with same result. Not a good start.


    Hi Gary!

    Sounds like the server is either timing out because of a size limit or just a time limit. You can upload the theme easily over FTP which will also give you more control on setting up a child theme as well. See:



    Yes, I did use FTP after it would not install. I also installed the demo data to get some idea of what I was doing. Looks like it is going to be a very long learning curve, but hopefully worth it.



    You can take a look at Enfold documentation here
    And video tutorials here



    The documents link has nothing on LayerSlider and the video link just keeps trying to load but never does. I checked the Vimeo site but couldn’t find the link.


    Open the link in a new tab or copy the text:

    The LayerSlider plugin isn’t our own code and so we don’t have any docs for it. There is already included documentation with LayerSlider if you click on the help tab on the top right of any LayerSlider section though it isn’t in depth.


    email to support address was returned as “undeliverable”. This was the issue:

    I always install WordFence because it has prevented hacking attempts on some of my sites. Today I got this warning that a core file had been changed by installing your theme –
    if ( ! win_is_writable(ABSPATH) ) :
    Just wondered if this was normal?



    Is there any other information on where that was changed, when, etc?


    Can you view this?

    Also, I have now spent about three hours trying to use a video I downloaded as a background. I gone through pages and pages of your support notes on the subject but I can’t find what I assume is a simple answer. I’m creating a new page, but in the selection boxes for a background I only see color or image. Nothing about using a video. Appreciate your help on this.


    Pretty well blown a whole day now just trying to figure out how to use a video background. I’ve read every support article. I’ve read about WMV files. The video is in my Media Library and I’ve looked at the URL a million times. I even changed the video link on the video on HomePage 9, but no luck. All I get is an ever spinning graphic as though it’s looking for the video, but it’s in my friggin library, so I have no clue what’s wrong.

    If the rest of my design changes take this long and I can’t find simple support documentation like “How to use a video background” I guess I’ll eat the $55 and go back to my previous theme.

    This is VERY frustrating!


    I’m sorry you’ve been so frustrated but take a look at this video walk through here:

    HTML5 video support is unfortunately a somewhat touchy topic and WMV is not a supported video type which is why you weren’t having any success using it:

    Video elements can be added in place of images in your slideshow elements as well. I’ll be doing another round of videos and documentation for them now that they have stabilized with version 2.6.


    Thanks, Devin. There’s nothing on your site I didn’t look at, but I can’t believe there was not a word on the support forum or your documentation stating that WMV files weren’t supported. That alone would have saved me hours.

    Do you have a good source for blurred video backgrounds? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find anything to use. Blue is my primary color on the site so I’m looking for something complimentary. Where did you get the underwater one?


    Is there an email addy for you? I keep replying to your email notifications and they come right back.


    Same for MOV files? I found a video background I liked, joined the site and paid for the video, but I’m getting the spinning graphic again.


    Thank you very much. I actually found another one I liked even better.

    If I can ask you a related question. I downloaded this video and called it background_video.mp4. I went into the HomePage9 and first attempted to upload the video, but got an error. The video is 3.3MB so I don’t know what the problem was but I kept getting the error, so I used FTP to upload the file.

    Then I went in and edited the “full screen” slider, adding the URL for the video. When I went to preview the changes I got the “are you sure you want to do this?” message, which normally means “no” because something is wrong. I then tried to “update” the page and got the same message. I then deleted the full-screen slider and instead added the video URL to the color section and it worked!

    Does any of that make sense?


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