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    When updating to a new version, the video instructs us to overwrite the existing theme folder. If I wanted to keep existing folder and copy the new theme via ftp to a new folder ie “enfold_update”, and then just activate the new version, is there a downside to doing this? If I remember my theme dashboard settings in case I need to re-enter, can I just update like this in case I need to easily revert to the old version?

    Can this cause any problems?

    Many thanks,


    Hey Jonathan!

    There is no downside, you will see two themes like this:

    If you want to change the name of the copy, just edit its style.css file.

    Best regards,


    And I can switch back and forth between them with no negative impact on the database?



    As far as i know, no. But a handy backup is always welcome :)



    Ok, thanks so much! I installed the latest version and just listed any issues I have in another post. Would be great if you can look!



    Great, i’m on it :)


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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