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    I’m not too impressed with this, why was it mentioned in the previous thread that this was a bug with the theme and you were going to solve the problem as its something you could fix?

    It’s quite a big issue for me as the play button doesn’t do what you think it would do when pressed – it just doesn’t do anything. There are quite a few bugs with this theme, but nobody seems to be able to offer any fixes.


    I think you must have missed Kriesi’s post at the bottom of the original thread… (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -to-play-in-background

    “Well thats indeed a bug I, and one I am able to solve :)

    I have added it to the todo list, watch out for an update during the next days, which will fix the problem ;)”


    Can Kriesi look at this at all and provide a reply….?


    Hello, I really need an answer to this as I am getting frustrated with this theme to the point I want my money back. There are issues with portfolio items opening on the same page, issues with portfolio items opening on a different page and loads more bugs that I am spending time fixing when I’ve paid good money for this.

    Can you fix the issue with the overlay buttons not linking through to the item when pressed? See here


    Hey! My latest statement on your previous topic is in regard to this post:

    Well on this page for example I click on the graphic (the play button) for the first video and nothing happens, maybe I’m missing something.

    Chrome 17.0.963.78

    Firefox 7

    this is the bug I am able to solve with the next update. I guess there was a misunderstanding because the original topic title talks about another problem.

    regarding the eta of the bugfix: I will start updating the themes propulsion, flashlight, abundance, angular and sentence by tomorrow. It will probably last 2-3 days until everything is fixed, so I hope at the beginning of the next week all those themes are ready for upload


    That’s good news – what I wanted to hear ;-)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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