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    I used as my host. The damn host sets the user to “ftpuser” and group owner to “ftpusers” instead of the web server apache. This makes it so that WordPress won’t be able to do anything without 777 permissions set (755 and 775 aren’t enough to let wp edit files). I don’t want to set all files to that. What files need to be set to 777 temporarily in order to make changes to the style such as the color theme or custom quick css code changes? I don’t want to apply those settings to all my files. I can’t switch my domain to another host for 2 more months so I have to make do for now.


    FYI, this, along with the fact that the sql database set the user collation to a dutch encoding instead of the sql database default, is why the styles editor page of layerslider in the theme returns a access error.

    Stupid host. I have never had so many issue with a host in my life. I love their control panel, hate their service. The frustration is not worth a nice control panel.



    You can set the permission settings of these files to 777.


    It will enable the theme to apply css modifications.

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    That didn’t fix it. Here is what solved it for me:

    I had Jetpack for WordPress installed and enabled, but I had not connected it to my account yet.
    For whatever reason, this wouldn’t allow me to save my theme style settings, BUT Quick CSS code would apply code entered there.
    I also noticed that my Appearance > Edit CSS (WordPress CSS Stylesheet Editor) was missing.

    When I connected Jetpack to my account by logging in and authorizing it, changing theme style settings would stick now, Edit CSS appeared back under Appearance, Quick CSS no longer applied code entered there, but code entered in Edit CSS would apply now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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