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    The settings in the theme options for H3 are:
    colour: white
    font family: caveat
    size: 35

    On a mobile it shows the right version, but on my pc it shows a different colour and a different font. It’s the same for H4.

    The element which I use is the ‘header special’. But even if I use a simple textfield, I have the same issue.

    Can you please help me to solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance. Best wishes, Anouk


    Hey Anouk,

    It’s white and using Caveat on my end, did you try loading the page using a private or incognito browser window?

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,
    Thanks for your respons. No, I did not do that because I don’t know where to go.

    I tried differend browsers, but the result is the same. I also cleared the cache.

    What should I do?

    Best wishes, Anouk



    You can right click on the browser icon, then select a private or incognito window. If you should need further help, then please share a screenshot highlighting the problem as well.

    Best regards,


    I opened my website incognito and I find different layouts then in the editor.

    I will show you 2 different things.

    1: this is how it looks in the editor, which is how it should look
    2: this is how it looks on the website from an incognito place, the colors are gone

    and another one with different padding
    1: this is how it looks in the editor, which is how it should look
    2: this is how it looks on the website from an incognito place with different padding

    This is just 2 examples, there are more elements on different pages which show different in editor or website. So what I see in the editor looks different then on the website. How is this possible? If I can not trust the layout in the editor it makes it quit difficult to build my website.

    Can you please check?


    Some other pictures about H3 showing in a different style (on a laptop)



    Thanks for the update. Please try to stick to one problem at a time in the future. I cannot reproduce problem 1 and 3, and I cannot locate the content in problem 2. Please see private.

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,
    What exactly should I see in the privat part? I only see the pictures I made myself.

    I will mention just one issue below
    To locate the content of the screenshots see 1 in private.
    When I see this page incognito, I see that some elements are not correct. When I look in the editor, it looks correct.

    2: this is H3 in a smaller size font then in the settings and also it is shown fat instead of normal (on the incognito site)
    3: the words in the red circle should also be H3, but is shown small and also in another color (on the incognito site)

    Hopefully it’s clear like this.




    Picture #2: the styling for that element is not served from the theme, so it’s likely being added from another source, like a caching plugin. Please try to deactivate all caching and custom code you might have added.

    Picture #3: This is what I posted in private, and it’s still here. I’ll post it here as well: This is what is displayed when logged in, but not when logged out. That suggests that the styling is cached, please try to clear and deactivate all cache.

    Best regards,

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