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    I made a fresh install of WordPress 3.6.1 (Dutch and also English) and that works like a charm on the server of my provider.
    Then I added the Enfold theme (through ‘uploading’ the thema and also via FTP) but then my WordPress-installation gets corrupted.
    I cannot add any more features, pages or anything else; I get an servererror…

    Maybe you can help?

    Thanks in advance!


    Nobody? :-(



    What error did you get?



    Hallo Josue,

    the link I get when I try to open “Theme options” > “Styling” is
    Then I get an server error “error 500”
    “An error occured when de website tried to retrieve The server can be offline for maintenance or incorrectly configured”.

    But with the basis WordPress themes it works just fine?

    Regards, Danny


    Hello Josue (or colleague),

    I removed my WordPress installation and did another clean one; could it be that this theme has requirements that my hostingprovider does not meet?
    I will look into the Enfold theme requirements (I was assuming that if I could run a neat clean install of WordPress then adding a them was not a problem…).
    Hope to hear from you (or your team),

    kind regards, Danny Eeltink


    I’m getting the idea that the installation of this theme is not as ‘straightforward’ as it seems; do I realy only have to upload the ‘theme’ and then it’s done? Or is there an extra step, because it looks like when I install the theme and wanting to add – for example – a new blog entry (like 2 messages above) it ‘calls’ for a page that isn’t there.
    With my normal WP installation, when adding a new page, the URL “” get’s “called” and that is a existing page.

    But with the above option of opening the styling options, a page is ‘called’ that I THINK doesn’t exist or is not correctly configured when installing this theme. Help would be greatly appreciated, because I searched long for a graphical interesting, photography portfolio team that is also responsive.

    Thanks in advance,

    Danny Eeltink



    Your server is not configured correctly (Apache error).



    Hi Josue,

    thanks for your reply!
    There was no site there, after trying and trying I deleted the whole site.
    This morning I got an answer from the hosting-provider saying that memory-issues caused the errors.
    The site is now up and running, and I’m trying to ‘grasp’ the ton of things I can change/modify.
    (is there a guide, showing how I can set up the site without all the example pages?)

    Kinds regards, Danny Eeltink



    You can watch some video tutorials here
    And written documentation here


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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