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    Before you kindly answer my questions, please take a look at this screen shot :

    1 – GREEN COLUOR : How do I move the header picture to the top of the page and stretch it out to fit the whole screen?

    2 – RED COLUOR : How do I move the top menubar right under the header as seen on the picture and stretch it out to fit the whole screen. Please note, the header needs to overlap the top menubar. And, how do I move the left top menubar link to the right?

    3 – YELLOW COLUOR : How do I add two flag picture-links in the right of the top menubar as seen on the picture?

    4 – BLUE COLUOR : How do I change the height of the footer so it’s only a half size of its original size?

    Thank you a lot for your support and help!

    I’m looking forward to hear back from you very soon!




    By the way, I should mention that the picture you can see in the link above is created in photoshop and is my desired design of my website. Right now it has the basic settings, which I want to change.




    Hi Mika,

    Unfortunately those are pretty difficult changes and isn’t something we can provide directions for via support. You’ll need to look into a freelance web developer to assist in getting them all done.

    My thoughts on what will need to be done:

    1+2 – Add a new container in the header.php file above the menus and shop_header. Separate the top green banner into the text portion and the logo. The text portion can just sit in the container and push the red menu down. The circle logo will need to be added in as another new class that you can position absolutely.

    To move over the sub-menu, you just need to add a left property to the .sub_menu class and give it a value to what you need.

    3 – You can modify the function avia_shop_banner in functions.php so that the flags will get output in it.

    4 – The footer height depends on the content of the widgets inside of it. So you just need to keep the widget content small.




    Hey Devin.

    Thank you for your respond. I appreciate.

    I’m actually a freelance web-designer and I bought this theme with the expatiation (based on the great review and major sale) that your support would be able to help me to make some changes to fit my customers need. I should maybe have posted each question individually so it doesn’t seem to overwhelming, but I didn’t expect it to be a problem. Unfortunately, this respond doesn’t follow the normal support from themes bought thought Themeforest.

    Since it seems like you know what needs to be changed, is there any way we can do it step by step? I would appreciate and put this into my consideration as I rate the theme for it overall satisfaction.

    Thanks a lot!



    Hey Mika,

    The issue is that the modifcations aren’t very simple. Since the theme is responsive each of the changes needs to then work for Mobile, Tablet and PC screen sizes and then still be cross browser compatible.

    As a freelancer, I would recommend diving into it if you are working with WordPress themes often. They are not overly difficult but the fine tuning will be very specific to your needs and will definitely take at least a few hours to get working.

    Some changes are easily doable with a bit of code or css changes but these are just too much of a time commitment, custom and specific when combined with the need for them to be supported for all the various theme functions.




    Hey Devin.

    Thanks for your respond. I understand your concern.

    Can we at least work on number 3 together. You mentioned “You can modify the function avia_shop_banner in functions.php so that the flags will get output in it.”

    Where should I insert two pictures (flags) in the CSS to make it appear to the right of the cart and price?

    Thanks a lot.



    You need to add the html to the function before you can do anything wit the css. Something like the following:

    $output .= "<div class='flags'><a href='#'><img src='yourimage.png'></a><a href='#'><img src='yourimage.png'></a></div>";

    Right after:

    $output .= "<div class='container_wrap info_text_header' id='shop_header'><div class='container'>";

    inside the avia_shop_banner function,

    Then you can style the flags class to float:right and change out the html with the correct links and image locations. After that its just styling the output however you want.




    Thanks a lot Devin.



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