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    Is there a diagram of the enfold theme that describes what each part is? such as header, content, widget, etc


    Hi jeffcrain,

    No there is not. What elements are you confused out specifically? I did a video earlier today going over all of the advanced layout editor items which is just processing now here:

    But I’m not sure if this would help or be what you might want.




    Best way is try things out, and download the demo content. Some great tools in it.


    We are actively trying to create some new tools and tutorials to help out users so if you can give some specifics on what you were looking for we can see if it something we can do :)




    I have tried things out in the demo data and there are things I cannot figure out. For example, what is the bar across the page between the logo and the content area when there is no mega-menu? What is it called and how do I enable or disable it? What is a socket, where is it and what does it do?. A tree diagram would be helpful to me to show where things go and how they fit together or a schematic drawing. I have read all of the documentation you have and viewed the videos. The 30 minute video is ok but frustrating at the same time. You show how to place several things in the content area then delete them without showing how they will appear, so I have to duplicate that same effort to see if it applies to me or not. The documentation mentions shortcodes. Where is a list of them? Why do I sometimes get an Edit Front Page on the admin toolbar? What page is the front page? Does anyone offer to answer support questions for a monthly fee?. I am spending way more time looking things up and chasing rabbit trails than I am actually accomplishing something. Very, very frustrating.


    With how many options are available, it unfortunately is best to just try things out.

    For the specific questions, you can enable/disable the header which shows the page title and breadcrumbs from the layout meta box on the right hand side of the screen when editing a page.

    The shortcodes are actually all of the elements that you add using the Advanced Layout Builder. When not using it, you add them in to the regular visual editor using the magic wand icon.

    The socket is the very bottom of the page where the copyright text is.

    The Front Page is just that, its the home page of the site where visitors to your domain first land. So if you see that in the admin bar its because you are currently on that page and can edit it directly instead of going to Pages>Front Page in the wordpress backend.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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