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    Hallo Kriesi,

    ich bin absolut begeisterter Nutzer des Replete-Themes. Für zwei, drei kleinere Projekte bin ich aber auf der Suche nach anderen Themens welche “einfacher” gestaltet sein sollten. Gerne auch im One Page Design, Flat Design oder Metro Design. Hast Du in der Richtung irgendwelche eigenen Entwicklungen, Anpassungen Deiner Themes oder auch Tipps von Fremden Entwickern?

    Freue mich auf Feedback.



    Hey maxisgoinghome!

    Thank you for visiting the support forum.

    Instead of using the Replete theme, please use our latest theme which is Enfold. It is much more flexible and easier to use.In case you have any questions, please take some time to review all of the resources in the Theme Documentation as a lot of basic stuff like theme installation, css snippets etc are already available in there with better explanation and awesomeness. Watch some of our Video Tutorials to learn more about the different aspect of the theme. You can also search the forums for queries that has been answered before that might be related to your problem.

    If you find that you still have questions after taking the time on our documentations, don’t hesitate to let us know and we will be happy to assist you.


    Best regards,


    hi ismael,

    thx for the suggestion. enfold is way too much for the things we need. we need a more simpler theme. something like this http://www.tmdesign.sk/

    This one is also great!!

    any suggestions?




    Leider haben wir keine “einfachen” Themes im Angebot, da alle neueren Themes mit dem Layout oder Page Builder ausgestattet sind. Wenn ihr ein wirklich einfaches Theme sucht empfehle ich Genesis.



    Danke Peter!

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