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    my theme backend is not working anymore:

    i tried a lot but i really dont know how to fix this ;-(

    can u please take a look!


    Hi mylander!

    You are currently using an older version of the theme. Please update Enfold to the latest version 3.5.4 – and flush browser cache and refresh your page a few times –

    Best regards,


    hello yigit

    i just updated the enfold theme few houres ago.
    but i changed the style.css info as someone did the change the themes foldername and theme name (someone from their company did when they did set up their site a while ago)

    i can not access the backend.



    i found maybe the problem.
    some file permissions changed somehow maybe.

    was set to (200)
    i set it to (604) now.

    is this the problem maybe???
    so how did this happen?
    maybe i have a lot of other files somewhere with changed file permissions?



    i have the latest wp file in that folder but the backend is not available.

    Warning: require_once(/homepages/7/d79787301/htdocs/reloaded/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-list-table.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /homepages/7/d79787301/htdocs/reloaded/wp-admin/includes/admin.php on line 63

    Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘/homepages/7/d79787301/htdocs/reloaded/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-list-table.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php7.0′) in /homepages/7/d79787301/htdocs/reloaded/wp-admin/includes/admin.php on line 63



    Can you please check if the issue persists with the default WordPress theme activated?



    i testet it with the “default” theme (i changed the foldername of your theme!)
    and yes it works without any problems.

    can please someone take a look at this site.
    its cool that you answer here in the forum, but i have really bad problems with your theme can you please check or login to my site?

    this error comes from where?
    wordpress works. is this a known bug of you theme?

    what else do you need?



    Can you please provide us a temporary FTP access (via private data field)?

    Best regards,


    okay you asked for the http://ftp…...

    Josue wrote:


    Can you please provide us a temporary FTP access (via private data field)?

    Best regards,

    Post Link:



    There might be some corrupted files, so please delete all theme files completely via FTP, before installing a fresh copy from your themeforest account. Here is a short tutorial on how to install the theme via FTP, in case you are not sure how that works:

    If that does not help then it seems that your WordPress installation is corrupt. Try to activate a default WP theme to check if this is working for you or not and let us know about your results here.

    Best regards,


    i did that.
    no difference.
    other themes work and i can access the backend.

    you are allowed to deaktivate or rename the theme folder “enfold” = “ares”
    there is nothing changed just the theme name in the css file.



    how did you change to another theme if you can’t access your backend?
    I think your WP installation is broken. Reinstall it and it should work fine.
    Show is your website with a default WP theme so we can check your backend.

    Best regards,


    quote: “how did you change to another theme if you can’t access your backend?”

    by renaming the theme folder “ares” and then wordpress fallb acks to a default theme.

    please do it and test it before you tell people to re-install wordpress ;-)

    ask someone if you dont know the details.



    we can’t reproduce the issue on our end and it’s working fine for thousands of other customers. I still think your WordPress and/or your theme installation might be corrupt. We can’t do much if we can’t reproduce the issue. Deleting all theme files and installing a fresh copy afterwards should fix the issue. Remove all customizations and plugins while testing. Make sure your server does not get cached (ask your host about it).

    Best regards,


    you can reproduce by:
    by renaming the theme folder “ares” and then wordpress fallbacks to a default theme.

    please ask any developer…..



    to reproduce any issue we need to reproduce it on our own installation, not on yours. As I said to you it’s working fine for us, that’s why I told you that we can’t reproduce it. I believe you that it’s not working for you and if we can’t reproduce it on our end then we can’t do much about it. Moreover it’s working fine for thousands of other customers.

    Let us know when we can access your backend with a default WP theme, then we will make some more tests for you.

    Best regards,


    this is not a real answer. please ask a developer to help.



    alright. Let us know when we can access your backend to check the issue.

    Best regards,



    is there any way i can setup the whole wordpress installation incl. theme again?
    because you say always its corrupted without even knowing it ;-P
    i hope its not a support trick as u re a moderator not a developer.
    sorry for this i dont want to disrespect you!

    can i export all enfold website settings?`and re-import it?
    can i export somehow the content?
    check the url:

    i use pages and the portfolio gallerie.
    can i export all content incl images to re-make the same site with a fresh installation?
    please assist me on this or as a developer thanks1


    There’s something in your setup that’s corrupt. The moderators can’t reproduce it because it is on your end. The permissions issue you were having at first is clear indication that it’s something you (or the original developer) did. Now the paths and setup is not working for you.

    Go in through FTP and delete the entire Enfold folder (or whatever you have renamed it to). This time, don’t rename the folder. Activate the the theme. Your original settings should be there in the database still, but if not, export them first. Then reimport them.

    This isn’t a theme problem, it’s a setup problem. Get your setup fixed, and the theme should fall in place.


    right now i closed the backend. so you cannot do anything right now.
    there was weeks your company could try something instead of blocking my requests ;-P

    can u please read my last posting in this thread?
    i will reinstall it.
    can u advice me?
    please read my questions about the content!

    thanks for your help!!


    participant means your not kriesi staff?

    how on earth can u access my questions here?

    i am really shoked i use a login to avoid people reading this !
    please inform me and get out!!!!!!!
    how can i modify these privacy settings?



    this is a public forum and accessible for everyone who needs help.

    If you want to import and export your content, then we recommend to work with a plugin like:

    Best regards,


    i really need help on this by a developer!

    my installation is okay and everything works but not the images in the portfolio!
    please check!

    can u help me on this?
    is this a known bug?


    this is the link “”



    Try adding this code to the Quick CSS:

    .js_active .grid-image {
        opacity: 1;



    where can i access the quick css?
    i dont see it in the theme options…


    thanks i found it and it works.


    so all the other staff memeber of kreisi / moderators where just playing games with me???
    instead of helping me in a normal way?
    hmmm…. thats really uncool!
    andy and others ;-(



    It’s a bit difficult for us to handle multiple issues on a single thread, please try to separate them in different threads so we can help you better :)

    Best regards,

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