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    I asked this question before, then solved it myself, but after upgrading Enfold + WordPress the changes I made were overwritten and I can’t figure out what I did before.

    The main menu drop down is hanging too far below the main menu.




    Says it’s password protected.



    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under General Styling tab

    .main_menu ul:first-child > li a {
    height: 95px;

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit.

    Thanks for that.

    I did add the code to the Quick CSS but it didn’t change anything.

    Can you have another look?




    Do you mind creating a temporary admin login and posting it here privately so we can look into it?

    Best regards,

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    Coding changes made directly to core theme files are overwritten during updates. Perhaps you can restore the changes you made to CSS by restoring the stylesheet file you had modified previously from backup.

    That said, it is advisable you use a child theme to make all changes to code files and stylesheets instead of modifying core files. This prevents your files from getting overwritten during updates.

    Excellent article on child themes:

    This is a link to download the starter child theme:

    With regards to the modifications, try the following, you may have to use !important to force the override:

    .main_menu {
        margin-top: 24px;
    #header_main .container, .main_menu ul:first-child > li a {
        height: 48px;
        line-height: 30px;



    Hi Arvish.

    Yes, that’s what happened.
    I kept almost all of the changes to the custom.css, but had already made a few changes to other sheets before I discovered that I should only modify custom.css. These changes were overwritten.

    I had already started a child theme but then thought I could get away with just modifying custom.css. When I upgraded I just re-uploaded my own custom.css and that worked…. for the most part…

    To be safe I think I’ll develop a child theme now.
    Will it work for me to just copy my custom.css changes into the enfold-child folder, or do I need to copy and paste the customizations from my custom.css into the style.css in the enfold-child folder?





    You can use the child theme style.css file. You may need to use the !important override though. Here is an example.

    a { color: blue !important; font-size: 12px !important; background: black !important; }


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    Hi Arvish.

    I’ve built a Child Theme, and emulated all the Customizations that were in the Enfold Theme.
    However, there is some extremely odd behaviour with the menus now.

    They aren’t following the order of the menus in the dashboard at all.
    It’s a real mess…

    Can you help me sort this out?



    Thanks for the responses.

    The Child Theme has wreaked complete havoc with my menus for some reason so I’ve switched back to using the custom.css in the Enfold theme.




    When you activated a child theme you have to recreate the WordPress menus in Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus.


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