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    I got t this message then i was loding up my enfold


    Hey MatsAFejne,
    This could be caused if the theme zip file is not the correct file, are you uploading from your Theme Forest account download link “Installable WordPress file only”?
    Or is the Full Theme and Documentation with a file name like:
    Try checking your Theme Forest account download link agin and look for “Installable WordPress file only”

    Best regards,


    I have the same problem. Purchased Enfold yesterday.

    I tried it with downloading both files – the INSTALLABLE WORD-PRESS-FILE ONLY with 16MB and the FULL THEME FILE with 64 MB.

    When unzipping the WORDPRESS ONLY File there even is no file, at least Not in my Downloads files.
    When unpacking the Bagger FULL-THEME-FILE with 64 MB there i get an but when trying to Upload this into WordPress i get the same message as Matts: Link has expired.

    Annoying! I just paid 90$ and it doesn‘t work.


    Because i tried Top Download the files again and again while hoping it will suddenly work now i get the Message that i Downloaded the files to often,reached the Daily Limit and now have to wait for 24 Hours.



    Hey @money4nothing,

    Please go to – to start a new thread and attach temporary WordPress and FTP logins in private content field and we will install the theme for you.

    If you post your credentials here, they would be visible to creator of this thread so for security reasons, please start a new thread :)




    Thanks for your reply!
    Well, i’m a total WP-Rookie, neither do i have anything to do with coding etc. . So right i don‘t know how to attach/create such temporary WP- an FTP.

    I guess, i can do this somewhere in the WOrdPress Settings?



    Yes, you can create WordPress admin logins in your WordPress dashboard. You can go to Users > Add New and create a new user with “Administrator” role. You can use (Email address hidden if logged out) email but please post the password here in private content field so any available moderator can look into it.

    We should be able to install the theme from WordPress dashboard but if that does not work, we are going to need FTP logins. You can contact your hosting provider regarding your FTP logins :)



    Ok i‘ll try to get this done (just installed the Plugin for temporary Access) and post it Here as a private reply.

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    Upload max filesize on your server is currently set to 2M, that is the reason why uploading the theme via WordPress dashboard does not work unfortunately.

    Could you please contact your hosting providers and ask for FTP logins and send them as well so we can install the theme via FTP? You can also ask your hosting providers to increase the maximum file size to 64M or 128M. After those changes uploading via WP dashboard would work as well.

    Best regards,

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    You are welcome! We are always happy to help :)

    You can go to Media > Add New and on that screen you can see “Maximum upload file size: 2 MB.” –

    We are going to keep this thread open and wait to hear from you :)


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    Ok, it seems that i finally got it rght.


    Hi money4nothing,

    It seems like you have successfully installed Enfold 5.1.2 and activated it :)

    Best regards,

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    Amazing! I’m so happy to hear that :)

    I am marking this thread as resolved but please feel free to start new threads under Enfold sub forum whenever you have a question or an issue and we will gladly try to help.

    Greetings to Germany! :)

    Best regards,

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