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    Wir verwenden auf der Website eines Kunden The Events Calendar mit Event Tickets Plus (ohne WooCommerce) und Enfold (überall den aktuellen Release) und dort sollen ausschließlich Reservierungen vorgenommen werden können. Im Event Tickets Plus-Plugin kann in den Einstellungen (Teilnehmerregistrierung) konfiguriert werden, dass im Frontend-Formular keine Nutzerdaten weiterer Gäste (bspw. wenn eine Person mit 4 Gästen teilnehmen möchte, müssen nur die Daten des ersten Gasts hinterlegt werden) eingegeben werden können/müssen – Stichwort IAC. Leider hat dieser Einstellungspunkt und auch alle weiteren im Tab “Teilnehmerregistrierung” keinen Einfluss auf das Frontend, wenn Enfold aktiviert ist.
    Wir haben uns die Theme-Daten angesehen und es scheint so zu sein, dass Enfold das Modal-Popup von Event Tickets Plus überschreibt und stattdessen das Formular in den Post einbettet, was nicht geändert werden kann.

    Gibt es eine Möglichkeit diesen Override in Enfold zu deaktivieren und stattdessen den Modal-Popup des Plugins selbst zu nutzen? Oder kann die Datensammlung aller weiterer Gäste über eine Enfold-Variable deaktiviert werden?
    Der Kunde wünscht entweder keine weiteren Nutzerdaten der Gäste über das Formular zu sammeln, oder für jeden Namen und E-Mail Adresse als Pflichtfeld einzubinden – was genauso nicht möglich ist. Natürlich könnten wir einzelne Skripte von Enfold überschreiben, was aber aus unserer Sicht nicht zielführend ist und sicherlich in Zukunft mit Updates Probleme mit sich bringen wird.

    Vielleicht kann uns hier jemand helfen, da wir bereits beim Support von The Events Calendar gescheitert sind.
    Falls weitere Infos benötigt werden, gerne kurz auflisten.
    Vielen Dank im voraus!


    Hey achteins,
    Thank you for your patience, as I understand your question disabling the theme lightbox may help with the Event Tickets Plus plugin, to do so try the settings at Enfold Theme Options ▸ Lightbox Modal Window.
    Unfortunately I don’t think it is possible to deactivate the data collection of all other guests, in Enfold the plugin needs to do this.
    I don’t have any experience with Event Tickets Plus and the only documentation I could find says woocommerce is required, I see that you are not using woocommerce and that the The Events Calendar support was not able to help you, they would know a lot more about this.
    If disabling the lightbox doesn’t help then try creating a test page where we can see the issue, perhaps we will understand better.

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike,
    thanks for qour reply! Unfortunately disabeling the Lightbox Modal Windows doesn’t change anything.
    I’ve created a Test-Event (see Link and Password in Private Section).
    The thing is, that there is a specific option for disabeling the individual data collection for guests – even the official support of The Events Calendar didn’t know that. BUT these settings do not do a thing when Enfold is active.
    We don’t need to use WooCommerce as we are only allowing reservations for Events. Thats what we bought the Event Tickets Plus Plugin for. So this shouldn’t be what is causing the issue.

    Could you have a look at out Test-Event to see what I mean?

    Thanks in advance!


    Thanks for the link to your test page, when I click the green button a lightbox is not shown, the form that is shown looks like it is added via a ajax function, so our lightbox is not causing an error. I couldn’t determine any error on the page, I filled out the form and added guests and it worked correctly so I’m not sure what the issue is.
    For each guest there were no required field data except the check box for “Datenschutz” I left all fields empty and the form worked correctly, so any user can register with guests and leave the data empty, no individual data collection for guests is forced.
    So perhaps the option in the plugin is working correctly?

    Best regards,


    thats exactly the point. The lightbox is not showing but it should be showing… The plugin itself, as I can see in the documentation and screenshot from the creators, does not have such a ajax form as implemented. So it cannot be there by default. But it is…

    The main problem with this ajax form is the “Datenschutz” checkbox, which causes that the attendee has to click through every guest to tick it. Although we do not need the data. As mentioned out customer either wants to a) collect the data from the guests but additionally name and e-mail as required fields – this is not possible with this plugin – or b) only collect the data from the person that is registering for the event – which SHOULD be possible using the stock plugin, because there is an option for exactly this in the settings. BUT no matter how you change this option in the settings, it has no effect because the form in the frontend ist NOT generated by the plugin as it seems.

    I’ve added a screenshot of our settings (sorry that it is in german, I hope you can translate it somehow…) and how it looks in the documentation of the plugin itself for you in private content.
    In the documentation you can see that it is possible to override the template for these. But with Enfold installed, this is not possible as Enfold overrides all of these templates and you have to use a different hook to override the enfold templates. We found out via the enfold documentation.

    I hope you understand the point now. It’s a bit hard to describe the porblem. Sorry for that!

    Best regards!


    Try adding this code to the end of your child theme functions.php file in Appearance ▸ Editor to disable the theme Events Calendar mods:

    add_action('after_setup_theme', function() {
        if(is_child_theme()) remove_action('tribe_events_template', 'avia_events_template_paths', 10, 2);

    Please ensure to copy the code from the forum and not an email notification so the symbols are not converted.
    This should make the The Events Calendar files used instead of the theme’s modifications, so the single event page will have the default layout, but perhaps the plugin will work as you expect it.

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike,

    thanks for the snippet. That’s what we were looking for. BUT as it does not solve our problem, we will contact the Events Calendar support again …
    I think there is no work to do for you. So you can close the ticket.
    Thanks for your help!


    Ok, sorry we were not more help. Thanks for using Enfold.

    Best regards,

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