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    I have the events calendar on

    I have the blog page at

    I have the setting in The Events Caledar to show events in the main blog roll turned on, but the events are not showing on my blog page. I checked with Modern Tribe, and they said:

    It could be that is not a main query as defined by WordPress and just a custom loop. If you change to another theme like Twenty Fourteen to events show then?

    I changed to 2015 and the events did indeed show in the blog page, so this is an issue with the Enfold theme that is preventing this function from working. Is there something you can do, or recommend that I do, to fix this problem?



    Hi robphat!

    Yes, that is correct, it is because the query is custom.
    Are you usinng an ALB element to load the blog content area?



    Hey robphat!

    could you provide us admin access, so we can take a closer look into it? Are we allowed to temporarily deactivate all your plugins? Post login details here as private reply.

    Best regards,


    Sorry for the late reply, I will send login in private content.



    You need to set the blog posts element to display a custom taxonomy. Check the blog page now:



    Oh. I see what you did, but I want both blog posts and event posts to be on the blog page. How can I do that? It seems like you have to pick one or the other. Is that true, or can I show both?



    You can try adding this to your child theme functions.php file but it might have unexpected results.

    function enfold_customization_change_query( $query ) {
          $query->set( 'post_type', 'any' ); 
    add_action( 'pre_get_posts', 'enfold_customization_change_query' );

    Best regards,

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