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    I’m using the Enfold masonry grid layout to display The Events Calendar Pro events in a grid. However, the default only shows the Title and an Excerpt but no event date. Is there something I’m missing here? The only way so far I can display the event date in the grid is by manually entering each event date and time into the Excerpt field.

    Is there a way to add a code snippet into the function to have Enfold display the event date?



    Hey fulanoinc,

    Sorry for the late reponse but can you please post us your login credentials (in the “private data” field), so we can take a look at your backend.

    Login credentials include:

    • The URL to the login screen.
    • A valid username (with full administration capabilities).
    • As well as a password for that username.
    • permission to deactivate plugins if necessary.

    Best regards,


    Same problem, you have found a solution?


    I have note found a solution. I know the theme pretty well, but I don’t see any option to show dates in the grid.



    there is are no more special functions in Grid Row element than with any other default element from ALB. However, we would still like to check it, to fully understand what you mean. So again: please provide us admin access.

    Best regards,


    Hi there,

    Let me explain it better. In your portfolio masonry layout (which is what I use for all posts) you do not have an option to display the date. You only have “Title and Excerpt” as possible options.

    Portfolio Masonry Grid:

    However, in your “Blog Posts” masonry grid layout, you post the date by default.

    Blog Masonry Layout:

    You should consider offering the display of dates in the portfolio as well.



    Thanks Andy,

    Really appreciate the info. Now I’m asking how to account for custom post types within those examples.




    Adding a acustom post type to the grid, would do require some advanced customisations
    We are afraid that is not possible, with what we do have right now.
    You can always try hire someone to help you with the requests.

    Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you




    I already add custom post types to the grid. It works great. I’ve even added the CPT functions to functions.php in the Child Theme to be able to use the Avia page building. The only thing missing is this date option. I can add the CPTs to a grid of “Blog Posts” and have the date show just find. But with the Masonry portfolio layout, I can add the CPTs as well only no date display. I have to use the “excerpt” to do it.




    if the solutions from my previous post do not work to display the date, then I’m afraid it won’t be easily possible. So best to go for a freelance developer who has the capacities to help you with this. You can find one here for example:

    Best regards,

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