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    Hi there!

    I came to the conclusion there must be a clash between “The Events Calendar” plugin and the Theme I am using, which is Enfold (I am using a child theme). So here I am, hoping you can provide me with some answers/solutions :-)

    My original question is as follows:

    For a client I use The Events Calendar plugin on their website. They would like to display their events by category, e.g. the ‘Agenda’ shows to general, open to the public events, and ‘Meetings’ shows more internally focused meetings, eg for all presidents of local groups. How can I display the items by category? I would like to have one menu button ‘agenda’ and one menu button ‘meetings’. There is no need for visitors to be able to choose which category they’d like to see. The categories should just be visible on two different parts of the website and should be reachable through the two menu buttons mentioned.


    Now of course I can do this by going to menu, and then creating a menu item using the “events category” option. I can do so, but then, when going to the website itself and clicking on that menu item, I get a “loop” notification and “too many redirects” and the correct page doesn’t show.
    Someone suggested going to the page of a single event and then clicking on the “Event Category” of that event, which then of course should go to the same url as a category url in the menu bar. This also gives the “loop” and “too many redirects” notification.
    So somehow, it doesn’t seem possible for me to create an “event category” page.

    Testing for conflicts:

    The plugin author suggested I do a Conflict Test by changing the theme to Twenty Thirteen, deactivating all the plugins except the “The Calendar Plugin” one, empty all my caches and to try to recreate the problem. I did all that, and I couldn’t recreate the problem. In that case, I was to switch back to Enfold and try to recreate the problem. I now indeed was able to create the problem again, which, according to the website of “The Calendar Plugin” shows it must be a conflict with the Theme I am using (Enfold in this case). Here is the instructions I used for testing for conflicts:

    So here I am now, pretty sure the plugin and the theme don’t combine very well…

    Any ideas from the Theme side on this? What can I do to fix it? :-)

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    Hey Welmoed!

    I tested it on my XAMPP setup and it’s working fine. It looks like your using Enfold 3.0.1, go ahead and update to 3.0.4 and deactivate all plugins except the events calendar plugin.

    If it’s still not working then try deleting your .htaccess file and then refresh your permalinks in Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks.

    Best regards,

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