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    Hi. Love the enfold template! But, I can’t figure out 2 things:
    1) where my “thank you page” is and how to edit it if needed
    2) or what the “Order confirmation” email says.

    I did find the auto email templates in the admin area, but when I click on the template link, I can’t make sense of –its all coding and it looks like gobbly gook to me. At this point I have no idea what either of these look like, or how to edit them if needed. Is there a WISYWIG way of doing this?


    Hey outtagear!

    1) There’s no thank you page. The theme just hides the form and fades in a “thank you” message. If you want to change the “mail sent” text insert some custom text into the “Message Sent label” option field:

    2) If you want to change the autoresponder text use the “Autorespond Text” option field to insert a custom message:
    Enfold just supports simple text mails at the moment and thus a WISYWIG editor doesn’t make much sense.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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