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    I updated to V 1.4 this afternoon, everthing went fine (except the portfolio thing:

    Now i wanted to go ahead with some content stuff, opend a page, did with Avia Layout Builder), edited some items else than Text Block, but when i opened the first textblock, there was nothing in it. Input Area kind of greyish, no visuell or text content at all in the backend. Frontend looks fine, in the backend i can still see the text, but when i try to edit it, see above.

    What went wrong and how can i fix this?

    Thanks for helping me on this issue.



    Maybe this is of some help:

    Since i could not edit any text block after updating to 1.4, i disabled the active plugins one after another. Nothing changed until it comes to Woocommerce. Disabled it, all of a sudden text editing worked again and even after re-enabling WooCommerce still does. Hopefully this will be the last issue – the portfolio one is still waiting for a solution – to be the pest ;-)

    Have a great weekend, regards,




    Great, we’ll fix the portfolio issue next week when Kriesi is back from his vacation.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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