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    First off this, this is an awesome theme so thank you!

    • Text block doesn’t work if I have more than 1 paragraph of text typed or pasted in to the ‘Text’ or ‘Visual’ editor tab (no outside formatting carried over)
    • Once the saved and the text block dialog box is reopened the window is completely blank
    • Works if there is only one paragraph or less of content in the text block


    1. Disabled ALL plugins
    2. Created new page
    3. New WP Install
    4. Fresh Enfold Install
    5. Using Child Theme
    6. Disabled Visual Editor in User settings, saved, re-enabled*
    7. Same as above with new user account
    8. Same issue w/ Chrome, Safari, Fire Fox
    9. Set PHP version to 7.0 saved, then set back to 7.1 saved
    10. PHP settings: upload: 128, Max EXE: 3000, Post Size: 128, Mem Limit: 512
    11. GoDaddy Server (have another site on server using Enfold with no issue… so weird!?)

    Hey jillsross,

    I have checked it and tested on the first text block and it works fine, I checked on your 2nd text block and is blank. Can you give us ftp access? so we can try to inspect it further.

    Best regards,


    Hi Niko,

    Yes, that is the issue I can’t seem to figure out. FTP details added. Thank you!



    Thank you for the info. I am not able to reproduce the issue. Please edit the test page and try to reproduce the issue there. We’ll check it afterwards. ( see private field )

    Best regards,


    To duplicate the issue you can you please try pasting this plain text in the ‘text’ tab and save. There is definitely an issue. I have pasted, typed saved and gotten the blank screen with this text fo some odd reason. I have made sure it is stripped o all formatting and is plain text.. The text will even get erased and the text block reverts back to “Click here to add your own text”

    making food for friends is a place to share not only recipes but our love of wine, music, food, and travel. Family is not chosen however friends are., and cooking is such a personal labor of love that being cooked for as well as cooking for others is a gift and only those that have the same passion truly “get it”. If you happen to be family, and a friend then you my friend are golden.
    Making and eating amazing food should not be saved for “special” occasions and “amazing” food need not be complicated and crazy to make. There are the occasions when an impromptu homemade pretzel making session is in order because, well you feel like it, and your current Netflix binge calls for such a thing. So we say go for it! Get in the kitchen, behind that bbq, fire pit at the beach . . . or wherever you happen to be. Share and show your love through the food, wine, cocktails and travel adventures that you create with your friends and family.
    We hope this site will inspire you to gather with the people you love most and make them food.



    I have checked it and to be honest I’m not really sure why this happens, if I try to paste the text you posted it does show blank, but if I remove this part of the text:

    Share and show your love through the food, wine, cocktails and travel adventures that you create with your friends and family.

    it works fine without issues, seems like adding that text with a lot of words causes the problem. I am getting a 403 forbidden error, which also sends this message:

    A potentially unsafe operation has been detected in your request to this site

    I did test this on my local server and didn’t have any issues at all, so I could only guess that there’s some security setup or firewall from your webhost which might be preventing it to work properly, please try to check the following posts, it might help, you might also need to contact your webhost for assistance.

    Best regards,


    So exciting news Nikko, you’re recommendation worked! I have multiple installs of wp sites on one server and and one of them had Wordfence installed so I white listed my IP address on it (Wordfence detected that I had multiple installations) and then installed Wordfence on the Making Food for Friends website and whitelisted my IP on that install and, Viola, it totally works now!

    Thank you so much, I’ve been racking my brain and have had this issue before but gave up but it all makes sense now ;)

    Have a great day!



    Glad that we could help :) Please feel free to come back if you need further assistance.

    Thanks for using Enfold and have a great day! :)

    Best regards,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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