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    Hey Guys,

    Just discovered that in the ALB Testimonial element, regardless of the layout chosen, the image for each testimonial (if you insert an image) is being displayed as a background image in CSS, rather than a normal image.

    I’m just wondering if this is strictly necessary, or could be refactored and improved?

    For instance, because it is being served as a background image in CSS it means there is no srcset or imgsizes being created. As a result of this, you can’t serve a retina version of the image properly, nor can you lazy load it properly.

    Can this element be improved to be fully retina/responsive image ready like you’ve done with other elements?

    Thanks for considering.


    Hey THP,

    Thanks for your suggestion!

    I am not sure why we have chose to use background image instead of image but I will forward your request to our devs and share this thread as reference :)

    Best regards,


    Thank Yigit, I really hope the devs can see the benefits of changing the structure of this element.


    Hi Tim,

    Wanted to inform you that we are going to update the element however due to a conflict with another change on the element, it will probably not be included in upcoming version but in the next one.

    This thread was added as reference so we will keep you updated there :)

    Best regards,


    Hey Yigit,

    Thanks for the update, much appreciated. Ok I will keep an eye out for it in the next couple of releases.




    Hi @THP,

    will be in the next release.

    Supports scrset and lazy loading.

    Best regards,


    Hey Gunter,

    That’s awesome, thanks for improving that element so quickly. That’s why I stick with Enfold, your response to suggested theme improvements is always so positive.

    Thanks again.


    Hi THP,

    Thank you for your suggestions :)

    I am marking this thread as resolved. If you have any other questions, issues or suggestions, please feel free to start a new thread.

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

    Best regards,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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