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    I explain the issue clearly in first thread.

    FIRST i was running the website in:
    – old wordpress (latest version before 4)
    – old enfold.
    The issue is “Layout builder is not working” it’s just loading, loading, loading… and not content shows.

    you asked me to update wordpress and enfold. I updated both:
    – wordpress 4
    – enfold (latest)
    here i faced 2 issues, one is the same issue before (layout builder is not working) and other is the theme in front-end is broken. i have very customized design.

    i rolled back to the old enfold version. so the design issue is fixed. but still the layout builder (main issue) is not fixed.


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    @designactual: I’ll ask Yigit about that.

    @khaled_288: The theme needs to be updated every now and then to keep up with WordPress. Yes, the “functionality” will not work if you upgrade WordPress and leave the old version of the theme. That’s why you need to update the theme every time a patch is available. I’m sorry but you’re using a VERY old version of the theme and a lot has change since then. The only thing you can do to keep up with WordPress 4.0 is to update Enfold to 3.0.1. A lot of elements might break so you need to reconfigure the options or create them from scratch. If you don’t want to do that, you can downgrade WordPress to an older version to keep it as it was. If the advance layout builder is not working, deactivate the plugins then test it on another browser or computer.

    Please update the theme to 3.0.1 then post the login details here. We would like to check it. We won’t be able to help with the modification changes but we’ll try to fix the advance layout builder.



    @ismael sorry to say that this is a routine answer. It’s not helping. I said more than 4 times .. i updated the theme to new version but the issue does not fixed. Then i rolled-back to the old version of the theme. In begining it was the old version of wordpress and old version of the theme and layout builder was not working.. Your team asked me to update.

    That’s really bad support .. It’s almost 10 days, you all keep saying the same…Please if you think it’s easy issue, login to my website and fix it.



    You have been asked to update the theme several times now, however your theme debug info still shows that you are running an old version.

    I checked your backend and noticed that you have 2 versions of enfold installed which of course will throw off wordpress. please delete the older version so wordpress uses the new one

    Best regards,


    dear i have also said many times.. when i update the theme the issue was not fixed. Also the my design was broken in front-end.

    And i ask again do you force me to update my theme or it will not work?
    what kind of software is this? i should re-write my design again because of the update?



    I’m sorry but this will not be a problem if you update the theme earlier. You’ll have to adjust or re-create the modifications or stay on older version of wp. Please try to create a test site with fresh install of WordPress and Enfold 3.0.1. Let us know if the advance layout builder is not working there.

    Best regards,


    dear.. i was using the older version i did not want to update to the newer. Your team told me i have to update to the new version of wordpress. The issue was from early with the old version of both theme and wordpress.

    dear … the website is already working and the layout builder was working fine and sudden the issue occurred. Asking me to do new clean install will not solve the issue. even if it’s working in the new one.

    It’s very clear.. I have an issue now in current website you should help me fix it. It’s now 2 weeks since i created this issue. You still talking and not doing any thing to the issue.



    We are going nowhere here unless you update the theme to 3.0.1. We won’t be able to help you if you insist on using the old version of the theme.



    I have updated to Enfold 3.0.1 and get the loading gif.
    I updated via FTP the theme again and the problem continues.



    @jejito please try de-activating all active plugins and if that does not work, please create a temporary admin login and post it here privately

    Best regards,

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    Please try re-updating the theme via FTP and make sure to overwrite all files –



    Thanks @yigit but the problem continues.
    The loading gif is appears but the builder not


    @yigit any idea?
    I see that you were working and do some changes. Please I need to hurry up because people is watching a site that does not look wright.


    @ismael i dont how many should i tell i tried that and not work? how many times should i tell you when i update to the new version, it’s not working and also my design is broken.

    That’s really poor support and i wonder how you develop a software that if not updated it will not work.



    Probably, you didn’t investigate enough. If you can update the theme to 3.0.1, we’ll try to fix the advance layout builder for you. Did you modify the core theme files? If that is the case, I’m sorry but we won’t be able to help trace back the modifications. If you are ready with 3.0.1, please post the ftp and wordpress login details here. We’ll check it.



    @jelito: it seems that a crucial file is missing on your installation. I get the following error:

    POST 404 (Not Found)

    Maybe there was a problem when updating to the latest version of wordpress since this is not a theme file but a wordpress core file. Would recommend to check if the file exists and maybe try to re-install your latest wordpress version.


    Its quite easy:
    If you update to the latest version and it still does not work I can check the backend for error messages and see what it says and fix it, but if you dont update I always get the error message that was already fixed.
    So either you update to the latest version and we investigate from that point or you dont update and we close this thread. We can’t help if you are not running the latest version of both the theme and WordPress.


    Thanks @kriesi but the file is there.
    Please I need to know the reason and support. Now the site is wrong and what I did is only the theme update.


    @kriesi @yigit
    Please I need help. The client is asking me for a solution and I do not have any idea of what is happening.
    Obviusly that all changes you did…
    I would appreciate an answer.


    Hi @jejito!

    Try going to your WordPress admin and deactivating all active plugins.

    Then go to the Dashboard>Updates panel and re-install the 4.0 WordPress update. Once that is done you can re-update the theme over FTP following the steps on this page to make sure no errors happen when updating:

    If you continue to have any issues please open up a new topic with a link to your site and admin credentials in the private data.



    Thank you so much @devin
    Finally that works for me!


    I dont need the new features of both wordpress and enfold. I can live with the old versions. Why you enforce me to update both because of js loading issue. I believe this is the easiest answer for you.. just to ask for update everything then come back. What a measurable software is having a bug if you don’t update .. and if you update you will lose all your customization.

    This is really worest software i have seen in 10 years.


    instead of just directing like a boss. give me hand and help me in this disaster.




    Hey Khaled_288!

    How we fix bugs is by updating the theme. At this point, the theme works in conjunction with WordPress 4.0 and with that in mind we do advise everyone to update their theme files right along with WordPress so that plugins+theme+WordPress will sync up in compatibility.

    If you have customized the theme directly, we unfortunately can *not* help you keep those customization. Theme setting configurations however will stay intact except in those areas where older functions have been replaced with the newer configuration settings.

    In those cases, its normally less than 10 minutes to change over to the new styles you want. For the vast majority of our users this has had no issue. For those users who rely on their site for business it isn’t generally a problem because they have set up a development site to test upgrades on either locally or on their live server.

    I don’t know what your issue actually is at this point but yes your two options at this point are to update your theme and use the new layout settings to reconfigure what you had previously or to request a refund from ThemeForest and move on.

    Best regards,


    Your theme is not backward compatible. That’s why i have to update and also the customization is gone. You should not ask me to upgrade to completely new versions of wordpress and theme just because a bug found in an old version.

    Now i got what your level of software development.. and i’m going to deal with it. Refunding is not a solution for me.


    and by the way i have told many times that the issues was in an older version of wordpress.. so the issue is did not come because of the WordPress update conflict and you are trying to say… I updated the wordpress just when you said it’s the solution.


    The theme is indeed backwards compatible. Thousands of other uses were able to update without any problem.

    If you run into problems after upgrading thats very likely not a theme issue but a customization issue. When I update the theme I can not take into account every customization all of our user have ever made. How could I? Its simply not possible. So yes, if you did modify files its possible that you need to re-apply these customizations.

    As I said many times by now: I can only start to help when you are running the latest version of everything. If you dont want to do that thats fine but in that case we simply can’t help and I will close this thread.

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