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    I have added a team member module in a page, I have loaded a picture, I have even used the regenerate thumbnail plugin to try to solve this problem, but no matter what, the image won’t display.

    The image appears when I am on the page builder, but not on my page online.

    I work on localhost so I can’t show you but I have just the text and no image.

    Can you fix this please?

    Kind regards,



    Using regenerate thumbnail have completely made a mess of the blog grid…



    I tested this on the localhost and it works perfectly fine. Please try to insert an image and select any images on the Media Library.

    Do you have the latest version of Enfold? Please download it on your themeforest account.

    We suggest to build the site with the Enfold theme online to avoid configuration and database lost later.





    Yes I have the latest version and no it won’t work…As I told you, I insert an image but I can select any image from the library, I have tried with several, but the image won’t show. On the page builder I can see it, but on the page it’s only text…

    Something else, is there any issue with this forum? I have many lines on top of the forum and cannot access my “favorite posts”…

    Kind regards,


    There have been some improvement…Now the image displays! I can’t exlain why it didn’t yesterday because I didn’t change anything, I just took a shot today and here it is! There is a picture. But the name and text is not centered above the photo. It appears on the left…What can I do about that?



    Sorry…That’s because my picture is too small so the text seems outside…on the left..

    But in that case, how can I do if I want to insert a smaller picture knowing that I need my team member module on the left of my page and an icon module right next to it contained in 1/2 page on the right…:-( I can’t figure it out…

    Thank you!


    Hi chryseis,

    Typically, I would suggest to regenerate your thumbnails. Since you said that cause issues earlier, my guess is that a setting for the thumbnails somewhere has been changed OR that the original image sizes were generated incorrectly and that when you re-generated them the elements you had already added them to were now incorrectly sized for the container.

    So what I would suggest from here is to try deleting the photos you want to use from your wordpress Media section and then re-uploading them when you go to create the member section.

    Just make sure they are large enough for the size you are setting them for so there are no stretching issues.




    Hi Devin,

    I understand what you say and that is a solution for my picture size problem.

    But independently from that picture problem, what if i want to have on the right of my page a 1/2 page with icon box and directly on the leftt (face to face) a team member module but not as big as a 1/2 page…Is it possible?

    Kind regards.



    Can you give us a screenshot of what you are trying to accomplish?

    Insert 1/4 column, 1/4 column then 1/2 column. Leave the 2nd 1/4 column empty.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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