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    I was curious if there was an easy solution to add video and or email elements to the Team member content element.

    I love that from them team member creation section i can add an icon and link to any webpage. THe overlay is working great. I would also love to do to other things.

    1. Add a clickable icon to allow a mailto: protocol. When i simple add mailto: (Email address hidden if logged out) in the URL field it doesn’t seem to work correctly.

    2. Add the ability for it to bring up a lightbox with a video embed. I am setting up a page for a production company and would like to use the team member section to help display samples. So you hover over and it says “watch their reels” with an icon. When you click it, the video pops up and plays. That way they can watch several reels without leaving the page.

    Thoughts? I tried to search through the support forum but did not see a request like this. Maybe I missed it somewhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    Hey Ian!

    The mailto thing worked on my local installation, using this settings:

    Regarding the video embed, the link will work as a lightbox if it is a Vimeo/Youtube video:



    Awesome. Thanks! I managed to make the mailto work. Seems something about my computer setup doesn’t allow the click through but i got it working on a few others.

    About making video work. Is it possible to embed a video code outside of youtube or vimeo? We host all of our videos on a site called Wistia. We get embed codes that look like:

    I would love for this to be used in a lightbox when they click a link on the teammember rollover. Just not sure if it’s possible with the code. Right now it’s takes them to the page that the video is actually hosted on.




    No, Wistia is not supported by wordpress ( ) or the PrettyPhoto Lightbox. Only Youtube and Vimeo are supported by PrettyPhoto (see: )


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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