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    I’ve got a problem with my portfolio category pages: they seems not to exist (error 404).
    The page of portfolio items are ok (ex: …/portfolio/item-title) and they are filtered correctly on …/portfolio by the portofolio catergories, but the macro page of each category (ex: …/portfolio/category-name) returns error 404.
    What’s the problem?
    please advise.

    Simone Fiorucci


    Hey simonefiorucci!

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    Can you please provide an actual link to the portfolio category page? Try to flush the permalink settings on Settings > Permalink panel by clicking the “Save” button once.



    hi, thank you for the suggestion.
    nothing happened flushing the settings.
    anyway, I think I’ve found the issue: the problem seems to be the fact that I tried to set the same custom Portfolio Items Base and Portfolio Categories Base. Might be?
    Isn’t it possible to have the same custom base for Portfolio Items and for Portfolio Categories?
    PORTFOLIO ITEM permalink: …/base-name/item-name
    PORTFOLIO CATEGORY permalink: …/base-name/category-name
    instead of the default




    glad you found the issue.
    You are right, it’s not possible, otherwise PORTFOLIO ITEM and PORTFOLIO CATEGORY would use the same address although they are two different pages.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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