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    I have a 3-tab section with each tag hosting a timeline widget and other information. It is for an event agenda. The content is there, however, when I preview the changes now none of the content is visible. I know the content is there, but I cannot see it in draft preview or on a published page. I have redone the tabs, timelines, and the entire page. But it still doesn’t work. What should I do?


    Hey iogawebsites2018,

    Thanks for giving us admin access.
    I have tried to check it and I still couldn’t figure out what’s causing the issue, also the caching plugin seems to prevent me from showing the changes I’m making in the test page I created which is based on the page you gave.
    Can you give us access to temporarily disable the caching plugin?

    Best regards,


    I have disabled the caching plugin. Hopefully, that helps you.


    Could you please help me find a way to link the timeline widget with other items on the page.


    Hi iogawebsites2018,

    I apologize for the late response.
    I’ll try to figure out what’s causing the issue.
    For your other concern, assign id(s) to the items you would like to link, unfortunately on Color Section has this option For Developers: Section ID
    if you’re using something like a textblock, you can just switch to text mode and insert the id attribute, example:

    <p id="myitem">hello</p>

    then to link to it you just need to use # + id so it’s just #myitem for the example. If you need to read more about this go to:
    then on the Timeline’s Milstone Link, make sure to select Set Manually then on the link field, just put #myitem
    Note: this only works on a single page, if the one with myitem id is on another page, it won’t work.

    Best regards,


    Hi iogawebsites2018,

    I have found the issue. On the 1/4 column with the 6:30 text there was this value added in Custom Css Class field:

    <div id="anchor"></div>

    This causes the element to break and also destroys the tab layout.
    It’s all good now since it’s removed.

    Best regards,


    Thank you for your help. I do not understand how to get to the text mode. When I click the text mode, there is nothing visible. Where do I add the new id attribute?


    Hi iogawebsites2018,

    When you edit a textblock you should see it on the upper right corner of the editor, here is a screenshot:
    Let us know if this helps.

    Best regards,


    That worked! Thank you for your help.



    Great, glad you got it working. Please let us know if you should need any further help on the topic or if we can close it.

    Best regards,

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