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    How do I make sure I can put SEO on my tabbed pages? They have weird slugs and when I open Yoast to do bulk edit on all pages, Yoast doesn’t see those tabbed pages.


    Hey thomasianwilson21171,

    I’m not sure I understand your question, what do you mean by tabbed pages?

    Best regards,


    first of all you can activate the prettier url hashes by this to functions.php of your child-theme:
    you can then give each tab a unique custom id


    indeed these anchors are not crawled as a link for a unique page.
    for Yoast it is best you ask there for a solution – they would know of that problematic.

    i do alway make a sitemap.xml and upload that to google webmaster tools.

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    have a look to these “internal linking tut” ond Yoast: Link
    but as far as i know google don’t like those url fragments : Link

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    These tabbed pages are not crawled by search engines because they can’t see them. Yoast doesn’t even see them as pages. They have a lot of content on them. This is an issue with the theme not yoast.


    the whole page is visible and readable too. See source code all tab content is there.
    Google will index the whole page ! : http://thomasianwilson.com/learn
    but it will not index it with the hash as single content e.g. for: http://thomasianwilson.com/learn/#tab-id-4

    the code above allows you to set the id to e.g: http://thomasianwilson.com/learn/#color-blindness

    you see that allthough the first tab is active – the content of the second tab is not set to display:none.
    it is in source code visible/crawlable/readable
    (click to enlarge)

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    Guenni007, Thank you so much, so I put this code: add_theme_support(‘avia_template_builder_custom_tab_toogle_id’);
    Somewhere? How do I know where it goes? In the code of child theme, where do I find that?
    And then Yoast will see and understand those tabbed items under each page?


    all is above said:
    to functions.php of your child-theme

    Yoast : you have to make your meta settings for the whole page – not for the #tabs


    Not sure I’m communicating this well but I do not know where or how to add that code to the child page.
    If you could share which brackets to paste it between (where exactly in code) I would greatly appreciate that.


    I use the avia builder. I don’t write code.


    I found this after looking for a while. But it doesn’t indicate “Child” anywhere.
    Edit Themes
    Enfold: functions-enfold.php
    Select theme to edit:


    AM I overwriting some other line of code or just adding it?


    if you got a child-theme installed there will be under dashboard – appearance – editor


    the most snippets and scripts to enqueue go over that ( at the beginning empty) functions.php of the child theme.


    We don’t seem to be communicating well. I’d like to be very clear because it seems like we are talking in circles.
    1. I do not have a child theme (said this repeatedly) I do not even know what that is.
    2. You can use a great deal of developer lingo and words that are overly complicated that you like and use and are familiar with. I’m not. I am not technical support. I’m a human with what should be, a simple issue to overcome.
    I just want my pages to be visible. This seems like a no brainer for Enfold. I have no idea why anyone would make a template that hides content under crappy URLS that the SEO and the internet doesn’t see. Seems kinda moronic to me. And so in order to get it to be crawled by the internet I have to commit to some rocket surgery.
    So we can talk in circles and you can send 6 more posts that say the same thing and do not reflect what I see or we can simplify this process by communicating in a human and conversational way. With pictures and numbered steps. Again, I am not a developer.


    just so it’s clear. I am concerned with solving your problem – not the other way round.
    A child theme is a completely normal thing in the use of WordPress.
    It is highly recommended to use one, too – many things will become easier, and are independent from the next enfold update, i.e. they will not be lost the next time the parent topic is updated.

    on the other hand, no one is forcing you to use a toggler. An Accordion does not have to be used either. These elements are used to design the length of the content in such a way that even with large amounts of content, pages are not too long. Such pages usually frighten away the normal visitor of a page.
    A toggler therefore leaves the decision of whether or not to view content to the visitor of the site.

    So if you attach great importance to SEO, then create the content as single pages.

    PS: If you want simple solutions, you have to be satisfied with simple requirements.


    I’ve already started doing this because the other was so complicated. i have used this theme for at least 5 years. Never was promted or suggested to enable a child theme. I’d have to go read about that.
    Thanks anyway.

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