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    Hej Hej,

    I m trying already for a while to insert tabs within a page. Once I filled up the tab content I save everything and it seemed to be ok…BUT…if I try to update later on the content, suddenly all the tabs disappear. When I check them in the browser they are not shown…So I lost all my data..I redo it one more time, and the same problem…After updating, the tab section within the advance layout section disappears.

    I hope you can help me to fix this problem, since I m planing to use tabs at few places on my page.

    Thank you for your support



    Are you using the latest version of Enfold? if no, please update, if the problem persist can you create an administrator account and send me it to avia.josue (at) gmail.com so i can check it personally?




    Hi Josue,
    Yes I have the updated version..The problem has started to occur everywhere… ex.I added a text section or header and I update the page, the gallery which I have created previously on the same page will disappear. So whatever updates I do on the pages they are disappearing after new update is made. .I’m working locally, so I dont know how is it possible to show you this error… Do you think that it might be WordPress itself not working properly?



    It may be a WordPress error, i read that 3.6 got some jQuery bugs, try updating your WordPress installation to the latest version.

    Best regards,


    Hi Golence,
    are you working on Chrome? What you describe happened with several items for me working on Chrome, if I work on Firefox, everything is fine.

    Best regards Katharina

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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