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    Is there a possibility to combine index tabs with tables? I would like to sort price tables of different years under index tabs that show the year they belong to. Problem ist that after choosing “index tabs” I get an ordinary text block where I cannot implement a “table” from the avia layout builder anymore. The only way would be to write an individual table with html.

    Is there a more comfortable way to do it?
    Thanx for your help


    Hi HighschoolAustralia!

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    Try to generate the table shortcode from a temporary posts or page using the shortcode wand then copy it in the tabs content editor.



    Sounds interesting. Could you explain this procedure a little bit more detailed? F.e. what meeans “shortcode wand”?




    When editing a page switch to the default editor and you’ll see the wand icon.



    Aha…. !? And how do I generate the table shortcode?

    Meanwhile I found out how to get the the html-code of a table (via Google Chrome “analyze element” and than just copy-paste it in the tabs content editor), but what is the secret of a table shortcode?




    You just click on the wand icon in the editor and select Content Elements -> Table.



    Hey HighschoolAustralia!

    Here’s a quick step guide to quickly make tables using the shortcode wand then importing the it into a tab layout:

    1. Select the table option from the wand icon.

    2. You can now enter your pricing information via the table editor.

    3. Once the table has been completed, you will be left with the shortcode for the entire table.

    4. Finally copy and paste the shortcode into the tab secton of your choice.


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    After more and more research I found out why we talked on different tracks. The “wand icon” that is displayed on your screenshot does only show up if you use the standard editor. As soon as you switch to the extended layout-editor the “wand” looks much less extended. For example there is nothing like a “table option” anymore. I only see “Button”, “Fullwidth Button”, “Separator/Whitespace”, “Icon” and “Mitteilung” (Message). Nothing else.

    I am not sure wether you are aware of this fact, but if, it would make sense to inform Enfold-users about that speciality. It would safe a lot of time – both sides.

    Anyway, it took a little longer than necessarry, but my problem is solved now. Thank you for your help.

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