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    Hi folks,

    i am trying to set up a table – actually two rows – where in my case i’d like to put f.e. left side ‘name’ and on the other site the value f.e. ‘Jack’. as i understood there is no other possibility that use the price table feature – since i was not able to add tab/space between the two values (inside one textfield)…

    so – i tried the price table.

    but somehow the possibilities i found were just a few. f.a. i am missing not using the frames at all. i cant control color, fonts (f.e. type: bold, italic, size!, etc) of the values in the respective columns.

    another thing that i missed was the possibility to move/shift the rows (as seen in f.a. in the ‘menu’). sometimes, at the end, i want to change the order…

    at the end i was able to set up a table that looked fine for me – but then, a bit disillusioning, the view on the smartphone: it is hard to look at the table – since there is not table to see – everything is in one row… sometimes bold, sometime reguar fonts – i cant differ which value correspondes the title on the left…

    at the end – i’d prefer to bo back to a regular text field. but in that case i would need to have one text field/column for the title (left value) and the value/name (value on the right side) – this would mean the text fields are not connected – on the webpage it looks good. but seen on the smartphone each textfield stands for itself with the result that the complete first textfield is displayed then the next one (which makes sense..)

    you see my dilemma…

    hope you have any ideas.

    here is the page i am talking about

    as you can see i am just trying to set up a ‘vita’…

    my best regards and keep up the good work!!

    still the best and fastest theme i ever came across…



    hmm. anyone?!


    The problem is that your table just contains tr and th elements but th elements should be used for table headlines only. Please use different elements for your data – the structure should be (like demonstrated here: ):

    <tr class="avia-heading-row">
    <th class="avia-desc-col">Geboren</th>
    <td class="mytabledata">29.02.1973</td>

    In your case the structure is

    <tr class="avia-heading-row">
    <th class="avia-desc-col">Geboren</th>
    <th class="avia-desc-col">29.02.1973</th>

    which will give you some weird styling because everything is coded as a headline. In addition search engines might have problems to index the data.

    You can also add html code (and inline styling code) into the table fields – I made a short video to demonstrate the usage:


    thanks for the video – i made the changes – that was: heading row -> default row and added the suggested styling code. the result did not satisfy.. in fact on the smartphone there are some values missing now… you can check the same page for the result – please see also the responsive edit…

    never the less – i found a better solution for my case: i formatted a table in WORD (thats where i got the values for my table from) and copied the formatted table with the offered tool in the editor and tataaa – there was the table on my destop screen AND on the smartphone screen! just the way i was looking for!! one column next to the other…

    check here

    i just need to double check cross browser functionality – and thats it!

    my best regards…


    Hi aovivo,

    If you are using a table for layout formatting then it would be best not to use the theme table functionality as its really only for tabular data and not for forcing layouts or anything.



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