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    Hi there,
    I wanted to build a simple webpage with 3 or 4 color sections and bit of text, however I have a Tab section too, since I love that slick design.
    Unfortunately this is a copmplete section that I cannot nest into a color section.

    Therefore some tiny helper are missing in Tab Section:
    1) arrow at the bottom to next section (next is a new color section)
    2) no full screen / 100% windows height possible to match the other full screen color sections
    3) no background pattern styling possible

    This said, is there any plan to adjust that great new section? best would be the possibility to nest it into a color section…



    Please feel free to request – or vote if already requested – such feature on Enfold feature request form. Those features might be added however i am not 100% sure about nesting it inside other layout elements such as Color Section :)

    Best regards,


    okay, but there must be a solution now to do this:

    coloring a section (column or either grid section) differently…, or is it not?!



    That is possible :) You can simply edit cells in Grid Row element and choose to set different background colors –

    Best regards,


    that I know. but the big question is: what happens with the Textelements which I put into the respective grid container.. they are not aligned or have the same padding as the text elemrnts in a row (inside a container, color section)…. ? how can I align the textelements in the same way as if I used a simple full width container?



    Containers have 50px paddings on each side. You can simply add 50px padding to sides of your cells and content inside them should be aligned correctly with your color section elements :)



    sounds great.. what happens to the margins on smartscreens… is there a relative value?



    Since they will 50px paddings on both sides, they should look correct on mobile as well. Please make sure to edit your Grid Row to select to display each cell on its own on mobile :)


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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