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    Very happy you got tab section :)

    Just it does not work at the moment. Are you aware? Tried several browsers. Some mess:

    Tried all options. Let me know if there is some secret on using it?



    Hey Knyptukas,
    Please provide us a link to the page in question, and if possible your admin login.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon


    Not working for me either. Created a test area and imported the 2017 demo and that is all messed up too (compared to your own 2017 demo)



    Would you mind providing a precise link to your site, showing the elements in question? We need to be able to inspect them in order to help :)

    Best regards,


    Hi, I also have some issues with the tab section. I understand that you guys are pretty busy but still hope to get answers ASAP.

    Here’s my original post:

    Here’s the sample with issues:


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    thanks for quick response. I found a problem on my site: plugin CDN enabler is not friendly to tab section. I disable it and Tab Section works perfect.




    Some of the problems you guys are experiencing might be due to cached Javascript or CSS files. Please make sure to update your CDNs and clear your Browser Cache. If both is not working please post a link to the element in question with a description of what exactly is not working ;)

    Best regards,


    I cleared the cache of my browser and it works totally fine now, Thanks! By the way, nice update~


    The Tab Section doesnt show all Tabs on Mobile … u must klick through all Tabs to reach the last/first one. why its not fully responsive? i build a tab section with 8 tabs and on mobile i only see 3 of them. will this be fixed or is this a non responsive tool?

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    Please provide us a precise link showing the elements in question, as well as admin access.
    Try to deactivate all plugins and make sure to not use any caching.

    Best regards,


    Its not necessary, cause the same problems are on youre own installation. i cant see the tabs working repsonsive.

    The little Pictures dissappear on smaller windows



    not sure what you mean, but they’re showing up fine for me:

    Can you provide us screenshots of what you mean please?

    Best regards,


    yes thats right, in youre shot u can see 3 icons … but on desktop version on youre demo enfold 2017 you see 9. how can i reach the others on mobile? only per dragging with finger?


    Andy, you’re misunderstanding him.

    AK-MUC is not saying he’s found a bug, he’s saying that the implementation is not very good.

    I understand his point, it’s not very intuitive to have to tab through loads of tabs on mobile to navigate a strip.


    yes thx … rodpascoe exactly that i meant.

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    ok now I get it, thank you. Personally I feel it’s fine, but feel free to make a feature request for Kriesi here:

    Best regards,


    I’m also experiencing trouble with the tab section. Yesterday I transferred to the Enfold Child Theme and then updated the Parent Enfold Theme. Now everything appears to be working correctly except the tab section. I’ve cleared my browser’s cache, and it’s still not working. This is in the Firefox browser. I tried opening in Chrome (and hadn’t opened the site in Chrome before) and all tabs but one are working. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated. The link to the page in question is in the Private Content.


    Hey halleyadmin,

    Please start a new thread for this issue and we can address it there. It helps us keep things organized.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon

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