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    I’m using a Tab Section plugin and it doesn’t seem to work on Safari. The first tab is open upon going to the page with the plugin but I cannot switch between the tabs. Also, same problem on iPhone iOS for all browsers. It’s working on Chrome on my android but not working on any browser (including chrome) on iPhone.


    Hey maxim_rusakov88,

    I tested in Safari on a Mac and an iPhone and the tab section works fine.

    Could you please clear the cache, check again and get back to us.

    Can you please make a screencast of the issue?

    Best regards,


    Thanks for getting back to me Victoria.

    So I managed to fix the issue with the tabs but another issue came up I was hoping you can help me with. So, basically, the reason the tabs weren’t switching is because I uploaded some videos and because I wanted to have control over their size I put them in a text box through the “Add Media” option and was them able to specify their exact height and width in the “Text” section of the text element.

    After lots of debugging I realized that enveloping videos in a text section the way I did for some reason causes the Tabs to not switch, only on iOS (all browsers) and Safari. So, I went back to using the “Video” Media element which fixed the tab switching issue but now I can’t seem to get the size I want. I’ve tried going into the styling and putting a custom ratio for the video format but I can’t seem to get a video either without those black bars on the side. I’ve tried everything including putting the exact dimensions of the video I’m uploading as well as trying different combinations that maintain the original aspect ratio. Again, just not working.. I realize that the underlying issue is that the videos are shot in portrait mode and it seems these video element are really meant for landscape mode photos.

    Was wondering if there’s any way at all of specifying the dimensions I want without getting those black bars on the side.


    Just want to add another issue I’m seeing. For some reason, a black and white video that I’ve uploaded is displaying with this green tint.

    This only happens on Safari as far as I can tell. It looks fine on google chrome. I noticed sometimes it displays fine but sometimes with this layer of green covering it. It’s bizarre. I uploaded various formats including mp4 and webm and I that effect can’t seem to go away.



    Unfortunately, you can’t remove the black bars without distorting the video or without pushing it outside the parent container. But if you don’t mind that, try to use this css code.

    #top .avia-video .mejs-container, #top .avia-video .mejs-container video {
    	object-fit: cover;

    You can also define a custom ratio in the Styling > Video Format settings. Set it to the third option (Custom Ratio) and define the video width and height.

    Best regards,

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